Turquoise identification

Turquoise is a water-bearing phosphate mineral of copper and aluminum. This jade material has a certain degree of porosity. It directly affects the physical properties of turquoise. The porosity of turquoise causes it to have a certain adsorption capacity, and it is easy to adsorb some dirt, such as dust, cosmetics, liquids, grease, etc., so the color of turquoise is easy to change. The large porosity makes turquoise poor in stability and difficult to polish and cut. Therefore, reducing the porosity of turquoise is the most basic principle of all turquoise optimization methods. The following describes the common and popular turquoise optimization treatment methods on the market in recent years. 1. Glue injection and filling Glue injection is also called potting, adding glue and injection molding. It is generally aimed at low-end turquoise materials, especially those foam pine with large pores that can be used as chalk, that is, surface pine, because these materials cannot be processed and used without glue. Under high pressure conditions, the high molecular polymer, that is, glue, is fully penetrated into the pores of turquoise, which greatly improves the toughness of turquoise, so that subsequent processing can be carried out. Second, dipping filling Dipping is also known as Qinjiao. In recent years, the common processing method on the market echoes the players’ pursuit of raw turquoise. In recent years, the turquoise market has continued to heat up, and people’s awareness of turquoise has also continued to improve, and they have begun to reject the injection of turquoise. This technology of dipping has emerged in this environment. The so-called dipping is to put turquoise in a rubber polymer and soak it under normal temperature and pressure. After a period of time, the glue can penetrate into the shallow pores of the green pine raw material, thereby curing it, facilitating cutting and carving, and greatly improving the yield. This method is generally aimed at medium-quality turquoise raw materials. If this layer of glue is cut and polished during post-production, we still consider the finished product as raw ore at this time. If there is glue residue, it cannot be called raw ore. 3. Partial glue repair After turquoise raw materials are processed into finished products, some turquoise will have some pits on the surface. In order to improve the value of turquoise, common 502 glue is often used to The filling of the pits is usually purely manual operation. After processing, the glue filling place will be visually regarded as a colorless and transparent natural mineral inclusion body, which is very concealed Phenibut Manufacturers . Four. Iron wire fraud Iron wire is a unique feature of turquoise. We often focus on the turquoise matrix itself, and ignoring the iron wire can also be fake. The iron wire mentioned here is not the kind of “fake” decorative iron wire on the market, but an iron wire designed to cover up surface cracks and potholes, thereby increasing the value of turquoise. Master fraudsters can make iron wire very realistic, enough to cover people’s eyes. If it is a chain of bracelets or a few iron wires on a necklace, it is even more difficult to detect, and this is a common method of some unscrupulous merchants. Unfortunately, this is often ignored by buyers who do not understand. . Five, color optimization The color of turquoise has always been a strong focus of people, so color optimization also has its survival conditions. The simple color processing is not stable and easy to decolorize. It has basically been eliminated on the market now, and more complex processing methods on the market. The turquoise is optimized with tinting glue, which guarantees that the green is changed. The color of turquoise also improves the porosity. This treatment makes the color stability of turquoise extremely high. Six. Zakri method This method is named after the scientist who developed this method and has applied for a patent, so there is very little information in this area on the market. The Zakri method is said to replicate the change process of turquoise in the deposit environment, change the microstructure of the sample, do not use organic or inorganic dyes, do not add metal ions, and do not inject glue class. After comparing the treated turquoise and natural turquoise, it is found that Zakri method has made overall treatment for porosity, surface treatment for color, and at the same time surface treatment for overall porosity and color. Zakri method is aimed at mid-to-high-end turquoise, and it has little effect or meaning for low-quality turquoise. This method is called “electrolysis method” and a similar method is imitated by domestic research. Seven, waxing This is a traditional processing technology, which refers to melting the wax at high temperature and soaking turquoise. Different from glue injection and dipping, because it does not strengthen the texture of turquoise, it may not be explicitly stated in the national standard as a treatment method, but it is also an optimization. ——————————————- ————————————— As the so-called “Magic “One foot high and one foot high”, every optimized Phenibut Suppliers turquoise also has its corresponding detection method. The following are divided into categories. 1. The identification of turquoise dipped with glue Let’s start with the most scientific and accurate point of view: Infrared spectroscopy test: in infrared Under spectroscopic conditions, polymer compounds are almost “dead by light” and can be easily distinguished from the spectrum. Refractive index: The refractive index of the injected turquoise is generally lower than 1.6, which can’t reach the refractive index of high-quality turquoise, so it seems that it lacks the high light perception and the feeling of the porcelain surface. Density: The density of turquoise optimized by injection and dipping is low, which contradicts its gorgeous color, because the darker the color of natural pine, the higher the density. Hardness: The hardness of turquoise injection and dipping will be lower than that of natural turquoise of the same grade. It is more prone to scratches and even flakes when it is carved with a blade. The following are the commonly used detection methods in actual situations: Fire: The turquoise treated with glue and dipped with fire will produce a pungent smell, which is the smell of glue melting , The surface will be accompanied by burn marks. Many people, including myself, oppose this approach. It’s just about injecting glue. If it’s true, it’s a big loss. Some people say that the hot acupuncture method is used instead, but the hot acupuncture method does not achieve the desired effect at all, especially Polish the surface after injection. ⑥Color: The market is full of rubberized ring noodles and beads. The color is highly uniform, much like the turquoise produced by the American Sleeping Beauty, but compared to natural raw mineral products of the same quality , The color will appear old-fashioned and dark. But the difference is very small, and it is difficult to judge without considerable experience. ⑦Gloss: The gloss of most glued and dipped products is very dim and unnatural, but there are a few well-crafted products that can achieve glass gloss. ⑧ Water soaking: suitable for low-end turquoise. Soak part of the turquoise in water. After a period of time, check if there is a water line. If there is any indication, it is natural turquoise. But for natural turquoise of high-quality high-porcelain, due to its high density, water molecules are difficult to penetrate, and water lines will not appear. ⑨Hand grip: Natural turquoise will feel sticky when held by hand, but it is only suitable for low-end turquoise. High-qua Phenibut on sale lity turquoise is difficult to distinguish by this method. ⑩High magnification lens: Use a high magnification magnifying glass to observe the surface. The glued turquoise appears fuzzy and distorted due to the glue covering the surface. Many white spots can be seen in the industry. After processing, the boundary structure of the enclosure can be clearly observed. This method is also suitable for replenishing turquoise, just observe the part. Fluorescence reaction of gum turquoiseSecond, the iron wire fake turquoise Identification The detection of iron wire is mainly to observe by magnification. The thickness direction of natural iron wire is irregular and the distribution is natural, while the thickness direction of artificial iron wire is very uniform and rigid. There are also artificial iron wires that are very granular and do not meet the characteristics of natural iron wires. In addition, the location where the wire suddenly thickens is often suspected of fraud. The presence of air bubbles and even transparent iron wires are false iron wires. Legend of iron wire fraud3. Identification of dyed turquoise Dyeing is mainly detected by magnification observation and UV photometer. Dyed turquoise is often distorted in color, and you can see the dye deposits in the pits when you zoom in. An ultraviolet photometer can detect a certain absorption band on the spectrum of the dyed turquoise. The color is distorted, and the concave part is dyed and precipitated4. Zakri process green Identification of turquoise Due to its rigorous scientific nature, the Zakri method does not apply to the turquoise treated with it in laboratory testing methods, but it can still be judged by the following characteristics, but this method also Only suitable for a few experienced turquoise veterans. Color and gloss change: Different from the optimization of glue injection, the surface gloss of turquoise treated by Zakri is not dim, but stronger than natural turquoise of the same quality. When you encounter a high degree of consistency in the gloss and color between the bracelets and necklaces, and you can’t judge there are other problems, you should consider Zakri, because the possibility of this phenomenon in natural turquoise beads is almost zero. Fracture observation: The turquoise fissures treated by Zakri will have color enrichment, not only in the fissures, but also in the edge of the fissures. The trace element test is mainly judged by detecting the change of potassium content. The potassium content is too high, and most of them are processed by the Zakri method. The above has summarized some optimization and identification methods of turquoise on the market. If there is something wrong, you can point out and discuss together. The next article will tell you about the fraud and identification of turquoise. .

Shock! Camellia oil also has these effects!

Have you ever seen a shower gel made from Camellia oleifera plant extract? Do you know the benefits of bathing with this shower gel? Tea oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which can repair cells when applied to the body and is good for freckle removal. You can take a bath with tea oil, usually just a few drops of tea oil in the water. Several highlights of the tea oil tea plant extract shower gel: 1. It does not contain any chemical harmful ingredients, no mercury, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals, no fragrance, no pigment, It does not irritate the eyes and is the most natural bathing series extracted from planting. 2. Easy to rinse, it contains tea saponin unique to camellia oil fruit, which is very easy to clean, even if there a Phenibut Manufacturers re residues accidentally, it is harmless to the body. 3. The discharged water has no harm to the natural water body, will not pollute the environment, and it will help to clear the sewer. 4. It can protect our skin from the growth of bacteria. Many people know that tea oil has certain skin care effects. Some people have used tea oil as a skin care product a long time ago. After cleansing the face, apply two or three drops of camellia seed oil for a little massage, or apply toner at night, and then apply camellia seed oil mixed with pearl powder. That’s it (one spoonful of pearl powder with two drops of oil), no need to apply anything, no need to rinse, it can also Phenibut on sale be used to apply the neck to prevent the appearance of neck lines. Using tea oil in this way will increase the gloss of the skin, and the skin will become white, tender, smooth and elastic. Oil plant extract shower gel, the main component is tea dregs extract-tea saponin after squeezing oil from camellia oleifera fruit. During the production process, the unsaturated fatty acids originally contained in camellia oleifera are retained. Unsaturated fatty acids are called “beauty acid”. With sufficient supply of unsaturated fatty acids, human skin will be tender and moisturized, and hair will be dark and shiny; otherwise, it will become The skin is rough and the hair falls out. M Phenibut Suppliers oreover, camellia oil contains vitamin E and antioxidant ingredients, so it can protect the skin, especially to prevent skin damage and aging, and make the skin shiny. Tea oil plant extract can inhibit dermatitis, skin allergies, itching and other effects, mild and non-irritating, effectively clean the impurities on the skin surface, moisturize your skin, protect your skin health, and make your skin soft and elastic , Easy to rinse, can promote skin membrane regeneration, suitable for eczema and dry itchy skin. Tea oil has water inflammation, antibacterial, removes acne on the back and arms, eliminates acne marks, can relieve fever, make the skin dry and reduce sweating. It is suitable for the whole family to use every day, bringing a refreshing bathing experience to the whole family, and the moisturizing effect is remarkable. Does not contain tear-free formula, does not contain any fragrance and pigment stimulating sources.

Is it better to be vegetarian after cancer? Can supplements be eaten? 90% of patients are concerned about the correct solution

According to the latest cancer statistics report, although we have made incredible progress in fighting cancer, it is still a huge public health challenge facing the world. The report points out that by 2040, the total number of cancer patients worldwide It will reach 27.5 million, and 16.3 million patients will die as a result. And the number of new cancer cases in my country each year accounts for 1/4 of the world’s! Regarding cancer, various popular opinions are constantly spreading. Some seem to be reasonable, but in fact they are scientifically wrong, especially when these opinions have some theoretical foundations. At times, it is easy to mislead patients. For example, getting cancer is tantamount to getting a terminal illness. If cancer is not cured, it will be better. Vegetarianism is more likely to starve cancer cells, and so on. Look, there are so many sayings, I believe there is always one that can to scare you to death! But if we are afraid of going back, we can do a lot more in the face of cancer, at least we should not be fooled by these rumors. The American Cancer Institute has released the answers to the most important questions cancer patients want to know. Let’s take a look!

First, vegetarianism is more likely to starve cancer cells?

Vegetarianism refers to eating only plant-based foods, excluding all animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs. Although a vegan diet can meet the nutritional needs of the human body, studies have shown that vegans for cancer patients do not seem to have an advantage over a normal diet. The American Cancer Institute recommends: Cancer patients should follow the same dietary recommendations as for cancer prevention, a diversified plant-based diet, and intake of 2/3 (or more) plant-based foods, mainly vegetables. Fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds; and 1/3 (or less) fish, poultry or meat and dairy products as supplements. In addition, limit red meat (such as beef, pork, and lamb) to 18 ounces (500g) or less per week, and avoid processed meats (such as sausage and bacon). A large amount of red meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer, while a small amount of processed meat (frequently consumed) increases the risk of colorectal cancer and stomach cancer.

Second, can cancer patients take supplements?

This is a problem that most cancer patients and their families are very concerned about. First of all, can supplements be taken, and will they feed cancer cells and make cancer progress faster? If you can eat it, which supplements are better for cancer patients? In order to reduce the risk or recurrence of cancer, the American Cancer Institute has conducted research on many compound supplements. Research shows: If you are still undergoing cancer treatment, please consult your doctor if you can take supplements. Please note that some studies show that antioxidant suppleme China Phenibut nts may interfere with cancer treatment. In theory, antioxidants The same mechanism that supplements use to protect healthy cells from cancer can also protect cancer cells during treatment. If you have finished treatment and want to take certain supplements to improve immunity and prevent recurrence, you also need to follow your doctor’s advice. In fact, in a balanced diet, a variety of rich vitamins and minerals will be taken in, and no additional supplements are needed. However, if cancer patients have a reduced diet or an unbalanced diet, vitamin supplements can be added after the assessment by the nutritionist. Do not rely on vitamin supplementation, as this will make many patients reduce their intake of natural foods, compared to vegetable foods, so that the sources of other nutrients in the food will be reduced. Extended reading: Compared with ginseng cordyceps, Ganoderma lucidum spore powder is more suitable for cancer patients to eat three anti-cancer holy products! In addition, due to insufficient nutritional knowledge, cancer patients are often superstitious of valuable supplements such as “Cordyceps”, “Bird’s Nest”, “Ginseng” and “Ganoderma lucidum”. In fact, don’t over-pursue the immune function of a certain food, let alone put the cart before the horse and rely too much on these “big tonics.” A balanced diet and a comprehensive nutritional supplement is a good way to improve the overall immunity. Regarding customized recipes for cancer patients and foods that enhance immunity, you can obtain them from the Medical Department of the Global Oncologist Network.

Three, will cancer patients take sugar to make the disease progress faster?

Oncologists say that cancer patients are worried that sugar will exacerbate cancer. This is one of the most common statements heard. All cells in our body (including cancer cells) use the sugar (glucose) in the blood as fuel. But blood sugar comes from all carbohydrate foods, including healthy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Even protein is broken down into some glucose in our body. Although avoiding sugar altogether will not slow the growth of cancer, eating a lot of high-sugar foods may mean too many calories in the diet. In turn, this can lead to weight gain and excessive body fat. Obesity increases the risk of 11 common cancers, including colorectal cancer, postmenopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Institute recommends that the intake of refined sugar should be limited to no more than 25 grams per day for women and 38 grams per day for men.

Fourth, can cancer patients eat flaxseed?

Flaxseed is rich in fiber, magnesium, thiamine and fiber. It is of particular concern as a source of lignans (natural plant compounds found in several plant foods, but concentrated in flaxseed) Phenibut powder wholesale and an omega-3 fatty acid. Alpha-linolenic acid is beneficial to all cancer patients. Plant lignans are processed by bacteria in the colon into a complex that weakens estrogen. In a study, researchers found that flaxseed and flaxseed oil did not interfere with tamoxifen, but instead enhanced its effect on mice. Recent research suggests that flax foods have no adverse effects on breast cancer. Animal studies have shown that the combination of flaxseed and soybeans is more effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer than using soybeans alone.

Five, is cancer a death sentence?

In the United States, the number of deaths from cancer has steadily declined since the 1990s. The five-year survival rate for some cancers (such as breast, prostate and thyroid cancer) is now 90% or higher. The current 5-year survival rate for all cancers is approximately 67%. 11 of the 18 most common cancers in men showed reduced mortality: leukemia, melanoma, myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and colon/rectal cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer, larynx Cancer, lung cancer and bronchial cancer, prostate cancer and stomach cancer. Among them, the mortality rate of lung and bronchial cancer decreased the most. 14 of the 20 most common cancers in women showed reduced mortality, including leukemia, melanoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and bladder cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon/ Rectal cancer, esophageal cancer, gallbladder cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer and bronchial cancer, oral cancer and pharynx, ovary and stomach. Among them, the mortality rate of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma decreased the most. However, it is important to note that these data are based on the results of extensive research. How long a cancer patient will live and whether he or she will die from the disease depends on many factors. Individualization varies greatly, including whether the cancer is growing slowly or rapidly, the extent to which the cancer spreads in the body, and whether there are effective treatments. People’s overall health and so on.

Six, is cancer contagious?

Generally speaking, no. Cancer is not an infectious disease that spreads easily from person to person. The only situation is that cancer can spread from one person to another during organ or tissue transplantation. People who receive organs or tissues from donors who have had cancer may have an increased risk of transplant-related cancers in the future. However, this risk is extremely low-two in every 10,000 organ transplants. Avoid using organs or tissues from donors with a history of cancer. In some people, cancer may be caused by certain infectious viruses (such as certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV)) and bacteria (such as Helicobacter pylori). Although viruses or bacteria can spread from person to person, the c Phenibut Manufacturers ancer they cause cannot be spread from person to person. Certain infectious agents, including viruses, bacteria and parasites, may cause cancer or increase the risk of cancer formation. Such as:

  • Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)
  • Hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus (HBV and HCV)
  • Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  • Human Papilloma Virus (HPVs)
  • Human T-cell Leukemia / Lymphoma Virus Type 1 (HTLV-1)
  • Card Posey sarcoma-associated herpes virus (KSHV)
  • Merkel cell polyoma virus (MCPyV)
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Postorchis
  • Schistosoma

Seven, can cancer surgery or tumor biopsy cause cancer to spread in the body?

The answer is that the possibility of cancer spreading to other parts of the body is extremely low. Following standard procedures, surgeons use special methods and take many measures to prevent cancer cells from spreading during biopsy or surgery. For example, if they must remove tissue from multiple areas of the body, they use different surgical tools for each area. Therefore, what we should worry about is not surgery or puncture to cause metastasis, but pay attention to the process of these cancer cells metastasis:

  1. Grow or invade nearby normal tissues
  2. Pass through nearby The walls of lymph nodes or blood vessels
  3. Pass through the lymphatic system and blood flow to other parts of the body
  4. Small blood vessels that stop at a distance, invade the blood vessel wall, and enter the surrounding tissues
  5. Grow in this tissue until a tiny tumor is formed
  6. New blood vessels grow, thereby generating blood supply, so that the tumor continues to grow

Collection|Different cancers Common sites of metastasis

Eight, if a family member suffers from cancer, is it possible for myself to have cancer?

Not necessarily. Cancer is caused by genetic mutations. Only about 5% to 10% of cancers are caused by harmful mutations inherited by a person’s parents. In families with hereditary cancer-causing mutations, multiple family members usually suffer from the same type of cancer. These cancers are called “familial” or “hereditary” cancers. The remaining 90% to 95% of cancers are caused by mutations that occur during the life of an individual. These mutations are the natural result of aging and exposure to environmental factors such as tobacco smoke and radiation. These cancers are called “non-hereditary” or “spontaneous” cancers. So how do you know if you have a hereditary cancer-causing mutation? It can be assessed by genetic testing. The following list includes some of the most common hereditary cancer syndromes that can be used for genetic testing, the genes mutated in each syndrome, and the types of cancer most commonly associated with these syndromes. It should be noted that even if there are cancer-susceptible mutations in the family, it does not necessarily mean that everyone who inherits the mutation will develop cancer. Quickly forward to more patients around you to know, let us fight cancer scientifically in 2020!

Several misunderstandings of wood wax oil

10 years ago, when wood wax oil first entered China, it was almost praised by the literary and artistic people in the industry: pure natural, no irritating taste, non-toxic, absolutely safe, food-grade coatings, allowing wood to be free Breathe. Any designer who has a little research on wood coatings will tell them responsibly: You are Too Simple, Too Naive.

Wood wax oil is not 100% natural

The main components of wood wax oil are indeed extracted from natural plants and animals. However, almost all wood wax oils sold on the market contain a certain proportion of chemical solvents to dissolve the wax components in wood wax oil. The specific ingredients and proportions are a mystery and should belong to the manufacturer’s trade secrets.

Natural paint is not absolutely safe

Nat China Phenibut ural paint is not necessarily safe. Tung oleic acid in tung oil has a certain degree of toxicity, which may be fatal; the smell is pungent before the tung oil is cured. Although walnut oil is edible, it is not suitable for people with nut allergies. The most commonly used ingredient in wood wax oil, linseed oil, is non-toxic. However, in order to speed up the curing speed of linseed oil sold in the market, heavy metal compounds, such as lead monoxide (sweat! Actually contains lead!). You think, the linseed oil and sunflower oil at home will not dry after a few months. Why can wood wax oil be completely dried after 1-2 days?

Can’t drink wood wax oil!

Remind all friends in the literary and art circles, you ca Phenibut Suppliers n’t drink wood wax oil! Wood wax oil generally contains organic solvents that dissolve wax, and these things are likely to be toxic (such as naphtha). Certain ingredients are also toxic. For example, Tung Oil (Tung Oil), Boiled Linseed Oil (Boiled Linseed Oil). Almost all of the linseed oil used for coating on the market is cooked linseed oil.

Wood wax oil will not let the wood breathe fresh air

The main purpose of wood painting is to put on a protective jacket for the wood to isolate the moisture in the air from entering and leaving the wood. Without this function, the water vapor in the air can come and go freely, which is a nightmare for all solid wood furniture! Your furniture will crack in winte Phenibut Suppliers r and mold in summer. Of course, the non-drying oil in the wood wax oil can play a role in wood curing (WoodTreatment), but it cannot be called WoodFinish. Wood coating must form a certain hardness and moisture-proof protective layer on the outer layer of the wood. This task is accomplished by wax in wood wax oil. Although drying oil can form a cured paint film on the surface of wood, the paint film formed by different drying oils varies greatly. Tung paint film is completely waterproof; the paint film of linseed oil is not waterproof at all.

Wood wax oil furniture needs regular maintenance

The oil in wood wax oil can penetrate into the wood and play a deep protective role for the wood. However, the waxy layer adhering to the surface easily falls off. Once the waxy layer falls off, the furniture will lose water resistance. The most afraid of solid wood furniture is water. Therefore, wood wax oil furniture needs to be painted or waxed regularly.

Why is it that liquid fermentation is used in foreign wine to make people rush, but white wine is shunned?

Currently, liquor on the market is mainly produced by three methods. One is that it must be brewed with full-grained, fresh, high-quality sorghum, rice, wheat, glutinous rice and other grains as raw materials for winemaking through a series of traditional techniques. Pure grain solid-state liquor; secondly, fermented liquor is made from dried potato, corn, molasses, straw, etc., and after the edible alcohol is produced, it is then reduced and blended into liquid liquor; the third is the front The mixture of the two is a solid-liquid liquor blended with no less than 30% solid liquor and edible alcohol. At first glance, all three are just a mixture of alcohol and water, but due to the different brewing materials and processes used, their production costs and the comfort of drinking for consumers are also different. Among them, the solid liquor is the most popular, while the liquid liquor is easy to get on the head and dry mouth after drinking, which may cause a hangover, which is not conducive to the current concept of healthy drinking and is shunned by consumers. But if you study the brewing process of foreign wines carefully, you will find that foreign distilled liquors such as whiskey, vodka, brandy, and rum are actually made of barley, potatoes, molasses or grapes as raw materials, with yeast added The saccharification starter is fermented by liquid fermentation, distillation, dilution, and finally stored in oak barrels. Then, it is also the distilled liquor obtained by liquid fermentation. Compared with the openness, it advertises itself as liquid fermentation Buy Phenibut Online , but it also attracts foreign wines that consumers are eager to. Why do liquors have liquid fermentation? However, businesses have to conceal it. Can consumers avoid it?

Different raw materials contain different harmful ingredients

First of all, the production of edible alcohol is actually through the fermentation and purification of raw materials and distillation of alcohol solution extraction, and the used Different raw materials have different trace components in the extracted alcohol solution. If molasses is used as the raw material, the content of acetaldehyde in the obtained edible alcohol is 10-50 times that of the grain raw material;The pectin content in potato raw materials is higher, which will be converted into a large amount during fermentation. Methanol, resulting in excessively high methanol content in edible alcohol. And when cassava is used as raw material to produce edible alcohol, hydrocyanic acid and other cyanides will be produced during the brewing and fermentation process; while excessive amounts of trace components such as acetaldehyde, methanol, and hydrocyanic acid, the lighter ones will lead to the rise after drinking, and the heavy ones will occur. Symptoms such as poisoning are the fundamental reason why everyone “discolors when smelling alcohol”.

Foreign wine pursuing cleanliness, white wine pursuing flavor

But generally speaking, the edible alcohol produced will be further filtered, decontaminated, deodorized, and degraded, and th Phenibut on sale en based on its color , Aroma and taste are graded to control these harmful components within a certain range. For the sensory evaluation of edible alcohol, my country and foreign countries have different standards. Among them, both of the basic requirements for edible alcohol are “pure”, “pure”, “no miscellaneous smell” and “no smell”. But for smell, our country’s standard stipulates that super-grade alcohol should have “intrinsic smell of ethanol”, while Europe and America require “odorless”; and for the taste of edible alcohol, our country requires taste “Slightly sweet”, while European and American countries require “pure and tasteless”, that is, except for the smell and taste of pure alcohol itself, it cannot distinguish other evil smells. At first glance, in fact, the two requirements for edible alcohol are not too far apart, they also pursue the purity of its taste and smell. Therefore, the edible alcohol produced in the country is actually used to produce foreign wines such as vodka and brandy. However, foreign distilled liquors generally only need to store the edible alcohol after liquid fermentation in oak barrels, and finally combine different liquors for scheduling, color mixing, and flavoring. Liquid liquor only relies on edible alcohol to add water to reduce the degree, or the edible alcohol blends with each other, it is difficult to make the finished wine have a unique aroma and taste. Therefore, water and edible alcohol are removed from liquid liquor, and acids, esters Phenibut powder wholesale and other flavors and fragrances need to be added for flavoring or directly steamed with lees to optimize the taste of liquid liquor to give it a unique Liquor aroma. Therefore, although the same edible alcohol obtained by liquid fermentation method, because foreign distilled wines are more pursuing the clean taste, and the white wine needs to pursue different flavors with different body flavors, so Different treatments such as deodorization and impurity removal of alcohol and subsequent blending procedures result in different after-drinking feelings and popularity. And this is why the raw materials are almost the same, the process is the same, the liquid fermentation method is used in foreign wines, and the reason is that the liquor is shunned. So, although the liquid liquor produced by many formal wineries undergoes quality testing before leaving the factory, harmful trace components such as fusel oil, methanol, and cyanide will be controlled within a certain range. However, the flavors and spices added to create a unique wine flavor are still harmful to the human body. Moreover, its color, aroma and taste are far from the real pure grain wine. Therefore, for those with surplus money, if they like to drink white wine, it is better to choose pure grain white wine for drinking; and if they prefer the wine produced by liquid fermentation, choose a foreign wine with a relatively cleaner taste. It can be consumed. However, when choosing wine, you need to keep your eyes open, find the right channels, and be wary of those shoddy liquid liquors under the banner of “pure grain wine”. Learn more and more products to understand more. Wechat account: Deyu Liquor, welcome to pay attention, show you good wine, drink good wine, and make friends.

Maca side effects and contraindications

Maca taboo  

Experts pointed out: Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding may not be suitable for taking Maca products. Because there is no authoritative data to prove that the use of maca by pregnant and breastfeeding women will not have physical effects on the fetus or young children, so it is prudent that pregnant and breastfeeding women should stop taking maca. According to the “Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the “New Resource Food Management Measures”, maca powder is now approved as a new resource food. The production and operation of new resource food shall comply with relevant laws, regulations and standards. 1. Maca should be taken cautiously when pregnant women and children, because so far, there is no scientific experiment to prove whether maca has an indirect effect on the fetus. Therefore, during pregnancy, You should stop taking Maca. 2. For thyroid patients, because Maca contains glucosinolate compounds, if taken in excess with a low-iodine diet, it may cause thyroid swelling. Goiter includes difficulty swallowing, coughing, breathing difficulties, tightness in the throat, and swelling at the bottom of the neck. It should also be taken with caution.

Maca side effects

The side effects of maca cannot be ignored. The maca industry advertises that maca is a pure natural herb without any side effects. This is actually quite misleading. So what are the side effects of maca? One of the side effects of Maca: Buy Phenibut Online It may cause goiter. Maca contains glucosinolate compounds. If taken in excess with a low-iodine diet, it may cause thyroid swelling. The second side effect of Maca: it may be allergic. Many people are allergic to it. Allergies are mainly caused by allergens, and everyone’s allergens are different. For example, some people are allergic to certain flowers. Symptoms of allergies include: itching, tingling or swelling of the mouth, lips or throat; rash, skin redness, itching; diarrhea or vomiting; runny or nasal congestion, red, painful or watery eyes; difficulty swallowing; coughing, Wheezing, breathing difficulties, stiff joints, fainting, and shock are all symptoms of allergies, and maca may also be an allergen for some people. Maca side effect third: it may cause skin problems. Because maca increases hormone secretion, it is not suitable for teenagers and infants to eat maca. Maca can cause skin diseases such as acne in teenagers. The fourth side effect of Maca: regulating sex hormone levels, leading to menstrual disorders and decreased libido. Many people don’t understand this. Maca can obviously increase libido. Why does it cause menstrual disorders and decreased libido? Maca is suitable for people with endocrine imbalance. If your endocrine is normal, you don’t need to take maca, because maca may increase hormone secretion and cause endocrine imbalance. Therefore, Phenibut on sale the ancients said that it is very reasonable not to take medicine without disorder. The fifth side effect of Maca: It may cause nausea and stomach discomfort. This is mainly different from person to person and has a lot to do with gastrointestinal conditions. Sixth side effect of Maca: Maca overdose can cause irritation, and people who are irritated eating maca will cause increased irritation. This amount must be controlled and good things should be taken in moderation. Maca is a kind of herb, but it should not be consumed in excess. Generally, it is very reasonable to keep it within 25 grams a day. If you consume too much, it will cause a series of bad effects.

Which people are not suitable for eating maca

Infants and young children: Although maca can be used as an energy supplement, maca has another function to improve human libido and sexual ability. This is not suitable for infants and young children, because it may lead to premature maturity. From a plant perspective, infants and young children can eat maca fresh fruit, but health foods such as maca essence tablets are not recommended for infants and young children. Breastfeeding women: Maca has the function of regulating and balancing endocrine, and endocrine disorders can lead to a series of consequences, such as rough skin, stains, etc., and many women eat maca or maca to regulate endocrine Coffee essence table Phenibut on sale ts can effectively regulate the body’s secretion and keep it in balance, so as to achieve the effect of beauty and beauty. Maca does have this effect, but it is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers to eat maca, because maca can enhance sexual desire, and whether the nutrients in maca will affect the milk composition of breastfeeding mothers, there is no definite Studies have shown that whether breastfeeding mothers eat maca and its milk will affect the fetus, in this case, for the sake of insurance, it is not recommended to eat maca. Pregnant women: During pregnancy, due to the protection of their children, they usually stop having intercourse. Maca can increase libido and improve sexual performance, which is not conducive to pregnancy protection. On the other hand, currently There is no clinical proof that the nutritional content of maca will not have a bad effect on the fetus, but for the sake of insurance, it is not recommended for pregnant women to eat maca. Patients with thyroid disease: There is a compound called glucosinolate in maca. There is more or less iodine intake in the diet, and glucosinolates combined with iodine may cause thyroid swelling , Which will have a series of effects on patients with thyroid disease. Minors: Experts believe that maca is not suitable for minors. Minors are in the developmental period and are growing up. It is recommended to eat more nutritious vegetables and fruits to satisfy growth. Need, from a health perspective, as long as the nutrition can keep up, you can generally grow up healthily. Maca faces mainly adults with endocrine disorders, reduced physical strength, and fatigue.

What are precious metals and base metals?

A piece of jewelry, if the jewelry jade is an actor, then the inlaid part is the script. There are no actors who are separated from the script. So what is jewelry? What is mosaic? In a broad sense, jewelry refers to all materials that can become jewelry and handicrafts after being polished and carved. It is a general term for natural jewelry, jade, and artificial gemstones. In the narrow sense, it refers to minerals, rocks, and organic materials produced in nature that are beautiful, durable, and rare, and can be carved and polished into jewelry and handicrafts. It is the mainstream product in the jewelry industry. The most important “precious metal” in inlay has stable chemical properties, abrasion resistance and firmness, and has a unique light color and texture. Whether it is made into jewellery alone or used as a basic inlay, it has good aesthetics. Metals include precious metals and base metals. The content of noble metal elements in the earth’s crust is very rare, among which gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), rhodium (Rh), iridium (Ir), osmium (Os), ruthenium (Ru), etc. Eight species belong to precious metals. Except for other metals, they are classified as base metals. In the traditional sense, precious metals and precious gemstones have always been representatives of the rights, status, taste and wealth of the owner. With the renewal of society and the diversification of aesthetics, base metals have gradually emerged.

Precious metals

  • Gold: The earliest metal mined and used by mankind. Known as the “king of metal”. It is chemically stable and will not oxidize even if it burns in the air until it melts. (A method for testing pure gold), insoluble in strong acids (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid), but soluble in aqua regia and potassium cyanate solution. Natural pure gold is called natural gold in mineralogy, equiaxed crystal system, golden yellow, metallic luster, Mohs hardness 2.5, very good ductility, 1g of gold can be elongated into 3420m filaments. Density 19.32g/cm3 (the purity of gold can be checked by using a hydrometer)

The common “gold” in the market is mostly gold alloys that improve and obtain new properties. For example, increase the hardness to facilitate inlaying, and melt into other metals for rich colors. According to the gold content, it can be divided into: Thousands of pure gold, the percentage of gold content is not less than 999, and the imprint is marked as “thousand pure gold”, “gold 999”, “Au999” and “G999”. (GB11887-2012 “Regulations and Nomenclature of Jewelry Precious Metal Purity” Amendment No. 1, which will be implemented on May 4, 2016. Even gold jewelry with a purity of 999.0‰ can only be marked as “pure gold”, but not It’s called “Thousand Pure Gold”.)Pure gold, with a gold content of not less than 990 per thousand, and the imprints are “Pure Gold”, “Gold 990”, “Au990” and “G990”. The official solid gold seals on the market are marked with “full gold 999”. Thousands of pure gold is pure gold, but the pure gold is not necessarily one thousand pure gold, you must see the mark and certificate when purchasing. K gold. K is the international unit, and it is specified as 24k when the gold content is 1000 per thousand. The gold content of 1K gold is about 41.66‰. Common K gold is 22K (916‰), 18K (750‰), 14K (585‰), 9K (375‰), etc. The imprint is marked as “Auxxx”, “Gxxx”, “GxxK” and “Gold xxx”. The “color gold” that ever Phenibut Suppliers yone often refers to also belongs to K gold, which is the color formed by melting other metal elements into the gold matrix. The correct name for the color karat gold, such as yellow karat gold (yellow karat gold, karat yellow), white karat gold (white karat gold, karat white. It needs to be distinguished from 18k white gold, platinum generally refers to platinum), red karat gold ( Red k gold, k red)…Gold-plated, gold products production process. Arrange extremely fine pure gold wire (about 0.3mm in diameter) or gold particles on the surface of the model, and weld it at a high temperature of 1000°C. The gold content of the gold-plated layer is not less than 585 per thousand, the thickness of the covering layer (plating layer) is not less than 0.5μm, and the thin-layer gold-plated layer is greater than or equal to 0.05μm and less than 0.5μm. The mark “P-Au”, thin gold plating is not allowed to print marks. Gold-clad, an ancient craft, presses a layer of gold foil on a copper sheet. The gold content of the covering layer is not less than 375‰, and the thickness is not less than 0.5μm. The imprint “L-Au”

  • Silver: It was discovered and used by China 4000 years ago, and it is also the most widely used precious metal today. In a period of history, silver was twice as expensive as gold. Silver mainly exists in nature as elemental silver and is produced as a compound. Metallic luster, silver white, Mohs hardness 2.7, good conductivity. With good ductility, 1g of silver can be elongated into filaments of 1800-2000m. The chemical properties are relatively stable. It does not oxidize at room temperature, but has poor corrosion resistance. It will react with sulfur-containing substances or gases containing sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in humid air to produce black silver sulfide. Silver compounds are also very sensitive and react with arsenic (arsenic) and halogen elements to produce black silver arsenide and halide. It does not react with dilute nitric acid and dilute hydrochloric acid, but can quickly react with nitric acid to produce silver nitrate.

The types of silver are more complicated. In 1995, the People’s Bank of China stipulated that all silver refined by the smelter designated by the People’s Bank of China should be finished silver, and the rest should be variegated silver regardless of fineness. According to the national standard, it is divided into Thousands of pure silver: The silver content is not less than 999 per thousand, and the imprint is “thousand pure silver”. Pure silver: The silver content per thousand is not less than 990, and the imprint is “Pure silver”. 925 silver: The silver content per thousand is not less than 925, and it is marked with “925 silver”, “S925” and “Ag925”. 800 silver: The silver content per thousand is not less than 800, and the imprint is “800 silver”, “S800” and “Ag800”. The highest purity of silver and its silver alloy jewelry is 999. Those with a purity higher than 999‰ can only be called thousand pure silver; those with a minimum of 800 and less than 800‰ cannot be called silver jewelry. Silver plating: The process is similar to gold plating, the thickness of the covering layer is not less than 2μm, the silver content is not less than 925‰, and the imprint is “PnAg”. Silver-clad: similarly gold-plated, the thickness of the covering layer is not less than 2μm, the s Phenibut Suppliers ilver content is not less than 925‰, and the imprint is “LnAg”. Miao silver: The unique silver of the Miao nationality is an alloy of silver, cupronickel (a name for copper-nickel alloy) and nickel. The silver content is usually 20% to 60%. The main ingredient is copper. Tibetan silver: Traditionally it is 30% silver + 70% copper, and a small amount of silver is mixed with white copper. There is a kind of Tibetan silver that does not contain silver and is copper-nickel alloy. Taiyin: also called black silver. Jewelry that has been specially distressed by taking advantage of the blackening properties of silver when it meets sulfur. Low platinum silver: an alloy of silver and a small amount of platinum (rhodium, iridium).

  • The platinum group includes platinum (tin white), palladium (steel white), osmium (blue and white), ruthenium (blue and white), rhodium (silver white), and iridium (white) element. The platinum group has a high melting point and is a refractory metal. It has high chemical stability to acids, especially osmium, ruthenium, rhodium and iridium, not only insoluble in strong acids, but even in aqua regia. (Only platinum and palladium are soluble in aqua regia)

Palladium is an active member of the platinum family. It is soluble in aqua regia, as well as concentrated nitric acid and hot sulfuric acid. In the current market, only platinum and palladium in the platinum group can be used as jewelry. 1. Platinum, heavy metal, high density, low hardness, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and ductility. Platinum per thousand feet: the platinum content per thousand is not less than 999‰, and the mark is “Platinum per thousand feet” and “pt999″Platinum per thousand is not less than 990‰, and the mark is “full Platinum” “pt990″950 platinum: not less than 950‰, imprint “pt950″900 platinum: not less than 900‰, imprint “pt900″850 platinum: no less than 850‰, with the mark “pt850″2. Palladium, a precious metal for jewelry newly developed in recent years, is similar to platinum, but the price is relatively cheap. Stable at room temperature, does not react with phosphoric acid, acetic acid, hydrofluoric acid, perchloric acid, etc.; reacts slightly with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and hydrobromic acid; quickly reacts and corrodes with nitric acid, ferric chloride, hypochlorite, and wet halogen . Thousand-foot palladium: the palladium content per thousand is not less than 999‰, and the mark is “thousand-foot palladium” and “Pd999″The full palladium: not less than 990‰, and the mark is “full palladium” “Pd990″950 Palladium: not less than 950‰, imprint “Pd950″500 Palladium: not less than 500‰, imprint “Pd500” Color palladium: Palladium and enamel are made by a special process.

Base metals

The main metals used as jewelry are copper, zinc, aluminum, titanium, iron, tungsten, rare earths, etc., among which nickel, lead, mercury, Cadmium, arsenic, and hexavalent chromium are harmful elements to the human body.

  • Copper

It is divided into pure copper and copper alloy. Pure copper is often used as a simulation necklace; copper alloy is an alloy in which copper is the base and other elements are added. (Brass: copper-zinc binary alloy, yellow. Adding rare earth elements can be refined into nearly 18k~22k gold, used to imitate gold jewelry. Cupronickel: divided into simple cupronick Phenibut powder wholesale el, complex cupronickel, industrial White copper. The hardness and gloss are close to silver. Bronze: red copper, tin, lead and other alloys. Three-color copper: red copper, cupronickel, brass three different colors of copper alloy materials)

  • Titanium and titanium alloys

Titanium is the only metal that has no effect on human autonomic nerves and taste nerves. It is medically called “biophilic metal”. It is more popular in the world, and there are very few produced in China.

  • Stainless steel

In the atmosphere, water, acid, alkali, salt and other solvents or corrosive media, the general term for steel with certain chemical stability. The good corrosion resistance is due to the addition of chromium, as well as Ni, Mn, V, W, B, etc. Because ni is harmful, manganese is used instead.

  • Tungsten gold (tungsten steel)

The appearance is similar to steel, with high hardness, non-wear, non-fading properties, and very stable chemical properties.

  • Hazardous elements

According to the national standard, no harmful elements should be added to precious metals (including base metals). 1, nickel may cause skin irritation. Our country stipulates that whether it is used in precious metals, base metals and their synthetic jewelry, the release amount is less than 0.5μg (cm3·week) for body parts perforated products. 2. Lead is the killer of beauty, I understand that it may be in ancient cosmetics, in order to pursue the whiteness of the skin, the so-called exhausting the lead. In fact, it is a more polluting metal. Overdose can affect the central nervous system, damage the kidneys and immune system. Lead compounds can also cause cancer. It is not only harmful to the human body, but also to the environment. Once it enters the ecological environment, it is difficult to degrade and has strong potential toxicity. It is a strong pollutant. It is generally used in base metals and artificial jewelry. If it is not deliberately added, precious metals are not included. 3. Cadmium can cause muscle atrophy, cause pathological fractures, etc., the pain is unbearable and unable to sleep. Mainly used in the solder of metal jewelry and base metal jewelry. If it is not deliberately added, no precious metals are included. 4. Arsenic can be used for medical treatment and is toxic. Depends on chemical form and concentration. Low-concentration pentavalent arsenic is non-toxic, while trivalent arsenic is highly toxic. Moreover, the toxicity of arsenic is cumulative, and mammals have a certain tolerance to arsenic, and the onset of arsenic often occurs after several years of poisoning. Damages mainly occur in the digestive system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system. 5. Chromium has different toxicity in its immobility state. Metal chromium is inactive and harmless. Hexavalent chromium is more toxic than trivalent chromium and is absorbed through the mouth, skin, and respiratory tract. In fact, chromium is also very important (toxicity mainly comes from hexavalent chromium). Chromium is an essential element for insulin to participate in the process of sugar metabolism. Severe chromium deficiency can also affect healthy development. Be careful when choosing metal jewelry. Generally speaking, noble metals are not deliberately added harmful metals, and usually do not contain harmful elements. Not every base metal is added, such as copper and copper alloys, and titanium metals are all good choices. As long as the production factory strictly follows the national standard, it generally has no effect on the human body, and you can buy and wear it with confidence.

Shun Ge said ketones (4) I love to eat tonics to increase internal power (what else to eat besides oil in ketogenic diet?)

Ketto Huashun: Shun Ge said ketones-ketogenic in-depth explanations

Shun Ge said ketones (2)-Rhapsody of eating oil to lose weight (an analysis of the principle of ketogenesis)

Shun Ge said Ketone 3: Choose the oil king (what oil to eat and what not to eat on a ketogenic diet)

After reading the previous three articles, some friends may feel uncomfortable. Does a ketogenic diet need so much oil and fat? I can’t accept it.

Is fat really the most eaten food on a ketogenic diet? It’s not. If you rank according to the weight of the food you eat, fat won’t even be ranked second, so you can only get to the bottom of the list. What exactly does the ketogenic diet eat? Make up what? According to the total weight of food consumed each day, such as a total of 5 catties a day to eat, what to eat more, what to eat less, let’s rank:

First place: water

h2>The first supplement of the ketogenic diet is water. The extra hydration of the ketogenic diet is mainly to control uric acid. Everyone knows that if uric acid remains high, it will cause kidney stones, urinary tract stones, gout and other diseases. If you eat a ketogenic diet, fat will eventually metabolize ketone bodies, and the ketone bodies themselves are acidic and are keto acids. If the keto acid in the body is high, it will compete with uric acid, that is, the excretion of uric acid will become difficult due to the increase of keto acid. Therefore, there are some extreme cases of ketogenicity that have hyperuric acid symptoms. What is the solution? Just drink more water to dilute, so that uric acid can be discharged smoothly. During the ketogenic diet, you should drink more than 2000cc, or even 4000cc for the higher ones. I have a say on this question, because I started five or six years ago and I have gout from time to time. My uric acid value is often above 500 (the normal range of male uric acid index is below 420μmol/L, and female Below 360μmol/L). I used to drink about 2000cc a day. After ketosis, in order to control the gout and prevent recurrence, I increased the water intake to 3500cc. I have a uric acid tester (available on the Internet). As long as the amount of water is up to the standard, my uric acid can be controlled between 200-300μmol/L. Gout Byebye.

Second place: Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables, feel relieved. Everyone knows that eating vegetables is healthy. The ketogenic diet requires more vegetables than the average person, and the intake of weight is far more than the intake of fat. If the ketogenic diet is calculated based on the total weight of food consumed in a day, the amount of fat consumed is only over 100 grams, while the amount of Phenibut Manufacturers vegetables is much more. According to the advice of Dr. Eric Berg, a big American ketogenic coffee maker, you should eat more than 7 cups of vegetables a day, and a cup is about the size of a fist. The specific weight is difficult to calculate, depending on what kind of dishes are in the cup. Most foreigners eat raw vegetables. The 7 cups seem to be a lot and difficult to swallow, but if we Chinese people are used to fry them or boil them in soup, they will not be so much. I will eat as many vegetables as possible every day within my appetite, mostly cooked. Vegetables pay attention to eating green leafy vegetables, non-starchy vegetables. Plant roots, such as potatoes, have high carbon water and cannot be eaten. Generally, green leafy vegetables that grow on the ground can be eaten in large quantities. Most of the carbohydrates are actually dietary fiber, which is very good for health and has very low calories. Dietary fiber is carbohydrates, but there is no energy, so it can not be counted as net carbohydrates. Don’t count the amount when you eat. In addition, vegetables also contain various vitamins and minerals and other trace elements, which are indispensable to the body.

Third place: Fats

In the previous articles, I talked about a lot of oils. Eating this oil and other oils might scare friends who don’t know much about the ketogenic diet. In fact, we can eat oil very elegantly. For example, you can eat butter with a hot fiber package, the ketogenic version of “ice-fire pineapple oil”. Butter can also be used for fried dishes, fried eggs, fried steak, lamb chops, delicious. Coconut oil can be made into bulletproof coffee, or added to the usual soup, or stir-fried. Eat olive oil and pour it on the vegetables. Lard can be used for cooking. Avocados can cook more than a dozen delicious foods, and salads are also delicious. Fish oil is a finished capsule and swallowed directly. Pork, beef, and mutton with fat, did you actually like to eat it before? Eat ketones. Salmon is rich in Omega-3, just eat it. Cheese can be eaten directly or with various foods. The yolk in the egg is basically high-quality fat, so it’s okay to eat more. Almonds and macadamia nuts are low in carbohydrate and high in fat, so eat them as snacks. Look, eating oil is not difficult.

Fourth place: protein

Ketogenic diet eat about 1-1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. For example, you are a 75 kg person, and your daily protein intake is 75-112.5 grams. Limiting protein is to reduce the conversion of protein into glucose through gluconeogenesis, because these glucose will be converted Phenibut Suppliers into fat again and accumulate in fat cells. In addition, eating too much protein will increase the kidney load. If you are not doing heavy exercise, this amount is enough, and the body has a high reuse rate of amino acids. One exception is those who do heavy anaerobic exercise to gain muscle or professional athletes during the season and are not suitable for a ketogenic diet. Because the body needs carbohydrates and a larger amount of protein to repair muscles, this is not too much to expand. There is a saying that it is possible to leave the ketogenic state if the intake of protein exceeds 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. In other words, after going out for a big meal and overeating, you found that you didn’t eat any carbohydrates and also dropped your ketones (the blood ketone value fell below 0.5), which is probably caused by gluconeogenesis. As for the way to eat protein, not to mention you also know, eat lean meat, fish, shrimp, crab, egg white, etc. I always like to emphasize repeatedly about protein: ketogenic diet, fish and shrimp lean meat can be eaten, but not more, instead you can eat more fat.

Fifth place: Electrolytes

The electrolytes mainly discussed here are sodium and potassium. The main source of sodium is salt, salty things. Chinese people generally do not want to supplement sodium, but to reduce sodium because it is too salty. The human body’s safe intake of sodium is 1000-2500 mg, and salt contains 40% sodium, which means that only 2.5-6 grams of table salt can be consumed daily. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the salt intake Each person should be less than 5 grams per day, that is, it is recommended not to consume more than 2000 mg of sodium a day. In addition to table salt, which can provide sodium, many other food materials also contain sodium. Soy sauce contains 18% salt, and various salt-based processed foods such as pickles, cured meat products, etc. (17%), and MSG (6%). As mentioned above, the problem for most people is that they eat too much salt, even more than 10 grams, which is 4000 mg when converted into sodium. The focus is on potassium. The concentration of sodium outside the cell and potassium inside the cell needs to maintain a certain ratio, which is called sodium-potassium balance. If there is too much sodium and not enough potassium, there will be an imbalance between sodium and potassium. What is the disadvantage of sodium-potassium imbalance? If the body accumulates too much sodium, the osmotic pressure will change. In order to maintain a certain osmotic pressure, the human body will absor Phenibut Suppliers b a large amount of water and the entire blood volume will increase, which will overload the heart. , Induce or aggravate the symptoms of heart failure, excessive sodium also raises blood pressure. If you are obese, you may find that there is more sodium and less potassium, too much water in your body, will your weight also increase? Yes, smart. Ketogenic people need special potassium supplements. Because of the ketogenic diet, except for ultra-low sugar berries (such as blueberries), other high-sugar fruits are basically not touched. Fruits are the most important source of potassium ions. If you cut off a source of potassium intake, you must supplement it through other channels. One of them is vegetables. Of course, just relying on vegetables to supplement potassium is not enough, because you can’t eat so many vegetables with enough potassium. Just now we said that according to the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, the daily intake of sodium should not exceed 2000 mg, so what is the recommended daily intake of potassium? 3500mg or more. That is, if you eat more potassium than sodium, you don’t need to store as much water on your body. If the water is drained, you will naturally lose weight. Although many vegetables have potassium, their density is much lower than that of fruits. The king of potassium supplements, avocado, 100g contains 600mg of potassium. Therefore, not only should a ketogenic diet eat some avocados, it is best to take additional potassium supplements. In addition, high sodium and low potassium may also lead to high blood pressure, so potassium supplementation also has other benefits such as preventing high blood pressure.

Sixth place: Last but not Least, vitamins and other trace elements

The human body needs too many vitamins. I often watch Dr. Eric Berg talk about the ketogenic diet on the tubing The conclusion is one sentence: all vitamins are indispensable. What to do then? Just add a little multivitamin and mineral tablet. Qualified friends can choose some pure natural products, which are a bit expensive, but the effect is good. When it comes to the conclusion:The ketogenic diet is to reduce the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet to as low as possible. This part of the calorie deficit is made up with high-quality fats and at the same time. Appropriate amount of protein, with plenty of vegetables, drinking water, and vitamin calcium and magnesium tablets. Then give everything to the body and wait for it to gradually turn you into a perfect person. To be continued. . . by-ketohuashun——————————- ————————–I am Ketohuashun, I have a small group that talks about ketogenesis, everyone Get together to graduate the keto diet. You are welcome to come and study together. Add me pangliu12345 first, then add the group, thank you for your attention.

How much do you know about the “King of Vitamin C” prickly pear?

About the “King of Vitamin C”, we have talked a lot about it in the past. Today, we will summarize what you know about prickly pear, so that you have a more comprehensive understanding of prickly pear, and firmly believe that prickly pear is a good thing and can bring us healthy nutrition. The skin of the prickly pear fruit is covered with small fleshy thorns. It tastes sour when eaten fresh, but the nutrient content is abnormally high. The “Father of Cili” Luo Dengyi’s analysis report on the nutritional components of Cili is the earliest and most authoritative report. Professor Luo Dengyi analyzed the nutritional components of more than 170 kinds of fruits and vegetables and concluded that: Vitamin C per 100 grams of fresh Cili fruit The content is 841.58-3499.84 mg, and the vitamin C conten Phenibut Suppliers t ranks first in fruits and vegetables. In addition, during the analysis process, it was found that the prickly pear fruit also contains water, carbohydrates, vitamins, organic acids, minerals, proteins and amino acids, tannins, superoxide dismutase (SOD), triterpenes, etc. Important nutrients. The reason why prickly pear can be remembered by people: First, it is full of fleshy thorns but does not affect the unique appearance of fresh food; second, it is known as the “king” of natural nutrients. As a precious fruit for nourishment and fitness, in addition to being processed into prickly pear products, it can also be used as a raw material for other high-nutrient products. The prickly pear comes from the mounta Phenibut Manufacturers ins, and naturally brings the concept of ecological pollution-free. The high-nutrition and pure natural characteristics are favored by many consumers, and have also attracted the attention of the media and big coffee. So, do you know the following? Q: What are the official natural effects of prickly pear? Yang Xiaosheng, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Natural Product Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Guizhou Province, explained the research results related to the effects of prickly pear, which can improve immunity and anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, whitening skin care, nourishing liver and protecting liver And other core functions. Q: Which TV channels has Cili been on Phenibut powder wholesale ? CCTV CCTV1, CCTV2, CCTV4, CCTV8, CCTV10 and many other major channels, Guizhou TV, Hunan TV, Guangdong TV, Shanghai Oriental Cable and other national mainstream media broadcast. Q: Which major brands are also using prickly pear raw materials? Wahaha, Wanglaoji and other big brands are also using prickly pear raw materials to process their own products. Q: Which “big internet celebrity” carries the live broadcast of Cili products? Academician Zhong Nanshan speaks for the prickly pear and brings the live broadcast of prickly pear products. Q: Which celebrities speak for the Cili brand? Hong Kong’s famous movie star Zhou Haimei endorsed the brand of health-health, opening the way for celebrities to endorse the prickly pear brand. Q: Which prickly pear products are already on the market? Prickly pear juice, beverage, fruit wine, tea, preserved fruit, dried prickly pear, soft candy, prickly pear crisp, oral liquid, lozenge, essence oil, shampoo, shampoo, conditioner Wait.

Exploring the second series of Fan Milin: “230 yuan two catties of lady cream raw materials” is it Li Kui or Li Gui

“Product concept-target group-raw material research and development and formulation-product improvement-publicity and availability, five steps are indispensable.”In July this year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index ushered in a breakthrough, and the concept of cosmetics Driven by market sentiment, all the way to success. As one of the concept leaders, Proya’s stock price has doubled eight times in three years after its listing, and its market value is nearly 35 billion, which is astounding. Fan Milin, the top general sponsor of “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, is also a domestic cosmetics company that focuses on the “ladies” route, and has also achieved outstanding performance since its establishment five years ago. However, after the end of the “foundry” rumors, a wave of unrest occurred again, and the rumors of “230 yuan and two catties of ladies anointing inferior raw materials” pushed Van Milin to the forefront. The editor can’t help but become curious: Is the cosmetics industry really profitable? In the last issue, the editor and everyone released the article “Exploring the truth about the foundry problem of Fan Mi Lin, and the Fan Mi Lin who has invested heavily in scientific research and innovation is just a victim of the flow age”. Today, we will continue to gather together about “the depth of the cosmetics industry” lively. To understand the profit model of the cosmetics industry is not troublesome, we can choose the 2019 annual report published by Proya, also a cosmetic giant, as a reference, as follows:It can be seen that, The overall profitability of the cosmetics industry this year is mainly based on the above four points. Among them, the [explosive product creation] and [new product launch] are the most difficult and the most difficult to break through in technology. 2019 and 2020 are two years related to the lifeblood of Fan Mi Lin. The overall economic environment is not as good as the previous years. On Fan Mi Lin’s official website, we can see Fan Mi Lin’s main “ladies”. The route should have a small audience. After catching up with “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, the price has become more “kind” without changing the product positioning and quality. It can not help but attract people to think about whether Van Milin started to second Fully charged? Combined with the rumors on the Internet, the editor is ready to continue to follow the vine. 1. The 230 yuan a catty product has nothing to do with Fan Milin’s “Lady Ointment”This picture is currently the most widely sp Phenibut Suppliers read on the Internet, which is the wholesale website The “230 yuan two catty lady cream” on 1688, sold by Guangzhou Yiyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. However, the official price of Van Milin Lady Cream is 1200 yuan 40g, so many users began to question the product quality and the reasonableness of the price. After repeated verifications, the same official statement made the problem turn around:A sharp-eyed netizen may have discovered that the 230 yuan noble woman cream produced and sold by Guangzhou Yiyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. on 1688. It is not the raw materials of Fan Mi Lin’s related products, and there is no cooperative relationship with Fan Mi Lin, and even similar to the previous foundry disturbance. It is all caused by the “old dishes and new fever” caused by similar names. This also means that Fan Milin’s attitude at least on “whether to reduce product quality in order to protect profits” is firm. After checking with the customer service of the product on 1688, the same result is also supported: the customer service said that the two products are only similar in appearance, the main ingredients are different, and the manufacturers are different; and the store clearly stated that there is no cooperation with Fan Mi Lin relationship. 2. Are the prices of Fanmi Lin products reasonable? At this point, the rumors of “poor quality” and “shoddy” can come to an end. The next focus is on “Is the price of 1,200 yuan 40g reasonable?” and “Fan Milin’s product development and What did you experience when it came out?”. After years of guidance and careful verification by friends who have worked in the bio-related industry, the editor learned that the birth of a cosmetic must go through at least five steps: “product concept-target group-raw material research and development and formula formulation-product improvement-publicity and availability”. Indispensable. This is also the most money-burning part of the entire company’s operations. First of all, from the perspective of product concept, the goal of Fan Mi Lin at the beginning of its establishment is obviously to match Lamer, SK Ⅱ and other established companies. It can be said that Fan Mi Lin has aimed at the high-end ranks from the beginning. And their target audience, I personally think that there have been changes in the five years since the launch of Van Miline. From the beginning of the maverick for high-income people, to the cooperation with Mango TV “Sister R China Phenibut iding the Wind and Waves” to expand the product positioning to Larger groups. Therefore, in terms of product concept and target group expansion, Fan Mi Lin has done a very good job. When it comes to the product’s “Raw Material Development and Formula Formulation-Product Improvement”, how does Fan Milin perform? In fact, we can roughly understand the ingredients of “Lady Ointment”. Among them, ginseng extract and arbutin are not simple raw materials. At least in terms of price, they are very expensive. So how do these expensive ingredients come together? How is the efficacy determined? First, let’s look at a group of photos taken by the Guangzhuang Scientific Research Center on the determination of ingredients. That’s the case. The main task of the Guangzhuang Scientific Research Center of “Fan Milin Technology Core” mentioned above is to complete the “component research, formulation research and development, efficacy testing, safety” in the process of product design. “Experiment” and other important steps. Therefore, the 12 million yuan spent on building the office was definitely spent on the blade. We know that thanks to the efforts of the Guangzhuang Scientific Research Center, Fan Mi Lin is leading the industry in terms of repairing, soothing and moisturizing. Let us see how Fan Mi Lin gains these understandings. First of all, the selection of raw materials for repairing and moisturizing ingredients is particularly diverse, and each ingredient has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the research on ingredients and effects has become two big mountains in the industry. And ingredient research and efficacy evaluation are by no means a simple 1+1+1 puzzle process. The complexity of the reaction process between ingredients I believe you have learned in the organic chemistry class when you were young, while cosmetics are more complicated and understand the clinical application of an ingredient The physical and chemical properties-the use of infrared spectroscopy to determine the molecular formula-the exhaustive method at the molecular level to test whether adverse reactions will occur is a necessary process, so the deployment of high-level professional personnel in the laboratory is also necessary. Cosmetics are different from general foods and health products. Their role is mainly on the face, hands, and body, which are especially valued by women. Therefore, it is meaningless to discuss the effectiveness Phenibut Suppliers without safety. , But Guangzhuang Lab has also done this. According to the data, the Guangzhuang Laboratory has the human patch test and the CAM chicken chorioallantoic membrane irritation test (safety test), which are known as “essential for beauty makeup manufacturing”. Therefore, there are thousands of Thousands of human experiments have been conducted to ensure that the ingredients have a wide range of compatibility and harmlessness to the human body. After completing the necessary steps of raw material research and development and formula formulation-product improvement, the announcement is immediately followed, and Fan Mi Lin is also very beautiful in this step. The cold winter of the real economy in 2020, coupled with the strong linkage between the old variety shows and the e-commerce economy, has enabled Fan Milin to complete the precipitation from concept to technology and then to products, thus taking this free ride. , This summer, are you doing what Van Milin wants, air-conditioned wifi watermelon, while watching the sisters of “Breaking the Waves”, in your mind infinitely looping “If you are not afraid of age, you will win, sisters use Fan Milin”? After completing these investigations, on the most important question, “Is the price of Van Milin’s 1200 yuan lady cream reasonable?” I have a conclusion here-reasonable. From executive directors, product managers, company employees, to scientific researchers working around the clock, to hundreds of thousands of testing instruments and 12 million yuan in initial laboratory construction costs, thousands of people work together to create a strong enough The product of the company can afford the price of 1,200 yuan. After all, “science and technology have a price, manpower has a price, and rumors are priceless.” Fan Milin is like this, so the reason for “Proya’s stock price is 8 times in 3 years” is enough. Fan Milin is the same as Proya, Lamer, SKⅡ and tens of thousands of beauty makeup artists. There are obsessive, cruel, eye-catching, powerful and conscientious beauty makeup people. They are just ordinary dream catchers just like thousands of us. Fan Milin has blown out from 2015 to 2020 The development of the style is related to profitability, market sentiment, and policy support, but it has nothing to do with the down-to-earth and dedicated scientific research of Van Milin Beauty. & Mi Lin “has nothing but wine but few regular customers”, how did she seize market share with her own strength? What can entity entrepreneurs learn from Fan Milin’s strategic layout? The editor will tell you in detail in the next issue. The copyright belongs to the author. Please indicate the source for reprinting.