Exploring the second series of Fan Milin: “230 yuan two catties of lady cream raw materials” is it Li Kui or Li Gui

“Product concept-target group-raw material research and development and formulation-product improvement-publicity and availability, five steps are indispensable.”In July this year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index ushered in a breakthrough, and the concept of cosmetics Driven by market sentiment, all the way to success. As one of the concept leaders, Proya’s stock price has doubled eight times in three years after its listing, and its market value is nearly 35 billion, which is astounding. Fan Milin, the top general sponsor of “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, is also a domestic cosmetics company that focuses on the “ladies” route, and has also achieved outstanding performance since its establishment five years ago. However, after the end of the “foundry” rumors, a wave of unrest occurred again, and the rumors of “230 yuan and two catties of ladies anointing inferior raw materials” pushed Van Milin to the forefront. The editor can’t help but become curious: Is the cosmetics industry really profitable? In the last issue, the editor and everyone released the article “Exploring the truth about the foundry problem of Fan Mi Lin, and the Fan Mi Lin who has invested heavily in scientific research and innovation is just a victim of the flow age”. Today, we will continue to gather together about “the depth of the cosmetics industry” lively. To understand the profit model of the cosmetics industry is not troublesome, we can choose the 2019 annual report published by Proya, also a cosmetic giant, as a reference, as follows:It can be seen that, The overall profitability of the cosmetics industry this year is mainly based on the above four points. Among them, the [explosive product creation] and [new product launch] are the most difficult and the most difficult to break through in technology. 2019 and 2020 are two years related to the lifeblood of Fan Mi Lin. The overall economic environment is not as good as the previous years. On Fan Mi Lin’s official website, we can see Fan Mi Lin’s main “ladies”. The route should have a small audience. After catching up with “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, the price has become more “kind” without changing the product positioning and quality. It can not help but attract people to think about whether Van Milin started to second Fully charged? Combined with the rumors on the Internet, the editor is ready to continue to follow the vine. 1. The 230 yuan a catty product has nothing to do with Fan Milin’s “Lady Ointment”This picture is currently the most widely sp Phenibut Suppliers read on the Internet, which is the wholesale website The “230 yuan two catty lady cream” on 1688, sold by Guangzhou Yiyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. However, the official price of Van Milin Lady Cream is 1200 yuan 40g, so many users began to question the product quality and the reasonableness of the price. After repeated verifications, the same official statement made the problem turn around:A sharp-eyed netizen may have discovered that the 230 yuan noble woman cream produced and sold by Guangzhou Yiyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. on 1688. It is not the raw materials of Fan Mi Lin’s related products, and there is no cooperative relationship with Fan Mi Lin, and even similar to the previous foundry disturbance. It is all caused by the “old dishes and new fever” caused by similar names. This also means that Fan Milin’s attitude at least on “whether to reduce product quality in order to protect profits” is firm. After checking with the customer service of the product on 1688, the same result is also supported: the customer service said that the two products are only similar in appearance, the main ingredients are different, and the manufacturers are different; and the store clearly stated that there is no cooperation with Fan Mi Lin relationship. 2. Are the prices of Fanmi Lin products reasonable? At this point, the rumors of “poor quality” and “shoddy” can come to an end. The next focus is on “Is the price of 1,200 yuan 40g reasonable?” and “Fan Milin’s product development and What did you experience when it came out?”. After years of guidance and careful verification by friends who have worked in the bio-related industry, the editor learned that the birth of a cosmetic must go through at least five steps: “product concept-target group-raw material research and development and formula formulation-product improvement-publicity and availability”. Indispensable. This is also the most money-burning part of the entire company’s operations. First of all, from the perspective of product concept, the goal of Fan Mi Lin at the beginning of its establishment is obviously to match Lamer, SK Ⅱ and other established companies. It can be said that Fan Mi Lin has aimed at the high-end ranks from the beginning. And their target audience, I personally think that there have been changes in the five years since the launch of Van Miline. From the beginning of the maverick for high-income people, to the cooperation with Mango TV “Sister R China Phenibut iding the Wind and Waves” to expand the product positioning to Larger groups. Therefore, in terms of product concept and target group expansion, Fan Mi Lin has done a very good job. When it comes to the product’s “Raw Material Development and Formula Formulation-Product Improvement”, how does Fan Milin perform? In fact, we can roughly understand the ingredients of “Lady Ointment”. Among them, ginseng extract and arbutin are not simple raw materials. At least in terms of price, they are very expensive. So how do these expensive ingredients come together? How is the efficacy determined? First, let’s look at a group of photos taken by the Guangzhuang Scientific Research Center on the determination of ingredients. That’s the case. The main task of the Guangzhuang Scientific Research Center of “Fan Milin Technology Core” mentioned above is to complete the “component research, formulation research and development, efficacy testing, safety” in the process of product design. “Experiment” and other important steps. Therefore, the 12 million yuan spent on building the office was definitely spent on the blade. We know that thanks to the efforts of the Guangzhuang Scientific Research Center, Fan Mi Lin is leading the industry in terms of repairing, soothing and moisturizing. Let us see how Fan Mi Lin gains these understandings. First of all, the selection of raw materials for repairing and moisturizing ingredients is particularly diverse, and each ingredient has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the research on ingredients and effects has become two big mountains in the industry. And ingredient research and efficacy evaluation are by no means a simple 1+1+1 puzzle process. The complexity of the reaction process between ingredients I believe you have learned in the organic chemistry class when you were young, while cosmetics are more complicated and understand the clinical application of an ingredient The physical and chemical properties-the use of infrared spectroscopy to determine the molecular formula-the exhaustive method at the molecular level to test whether adverse reactions will occur is a necessary process, so the deployment of high-level professional personnel in the laboratory is also necessary. Cosmetics are different from general foods and health products. Their role is mainly on the face, hands, and body, which are especially valued by women. Therefore, it is meaningless to discuss the effectiveness Phenibut Suppliers without safety. , But Guangzhuang Lab has also done this. According to the data, the Guangzhuang Laboratory has the human patch test and the CAM chicken chorioallantoic membrane irritation test (safety test), which are known as “essential for beauty makeup manufacturing”. Therefore, there are thousands of Thousands of human experiments have been conducted to ensure that the ingredients have a wide range of compatibility and harmlessness to the human body. After completing the necessary steps of raw material research and development and formula formulation-product improvement, the announcement is immediately followed, and Fan Mi Lin is also very beautiful in this step. The cold winter of the real economy in 2020, coupled with the strong linkage between the old variety shows and the e-commerce economy, has enabled Fan Milin to complete the precipitation from concept to technology and then to products, thus taking this free ride. , This summer, are you doing what Van Milin wants, air-conditioned wifi watermelon, while watching the sisters of “Breaking the Waves”, in your mind infinitely looping “If you are not afraid of age, you will win, sisters use Fan Milin”? After completing these investigations, on the most important question, “Is the price of Van Milin’s 1200 yuan lady cream reasonable?” I have a conclusion here-reasonable. From executive directors, product managers, company employees, to scientific researchers working around the clock, to hundreds of thousands of testing instruments and 12 million yuan in initial laboratory construction costs, thousands of people work together to create a strong enough The product of the company can afford the price of 1,200 yuan. After all, “science and technology have a price, manpower has a price, and rumors are priceless.” Fan Milin is like this, so the reason for “Proya’s stock price is 8 times in 3 years” is enough. Fan Milin is the same as Proya, Lamer, SKⅡ and tens of thousands of beauty makeup artists. There are obsessive, cruel, eye-catching, powerful and conscientious beauty makeup people. They are just ordinary dream catchers just like thousands of us. Fan Milin has blown out from 2015 to 2020 The development of the style is related to profitability, market sentiment, and policy support, but it has nothing to do with the down-to-earth and dedicated scientific research of Van Milin Beauty. & Mi Lin “has nothing but wine but few regular customers”, how did she seize market share with her own strength? What can entity entrepreneurs learn from Fan Milin’s strategic layout? The editor will tell you in detail in the next issue. The copyright belongs to the author. Please indicate the source for reprinting.