Homemade dog rice, please pay attention to these issues

Compared with choosing dog food, you need to pay attention to cooking for your own dog. If you eat a certain kind of food, your dog will experience itching, diarrhea, and rash, which are usually allergic reactions. For dogs that are prone to allergies, it is also necessary to choose ingredients when making homemade Be extra careful, we can use the elimination method one by one;You can only feed one type of meat for the first time, for example, chicken breast. If the dog eats everything is normal without allergies , The excretion is also normal, so next time you can add a grain, such as rice, everything is normal, next time you can add another vegetable, such as cabbage, and then add fruit next time;You can at the beginning Choose a simple recipe with relatively few ingredients and e Phenibut powder wholesale at it for about a week. After everything is normal, you can change the ingredients one by one. For example, you can first change the chicken breast into beef, and leave the rest unchanged, and then change the rice. Turn into sweet potatoes (both provide carbohydrates), and then change to another recipe until it becomes another recipe;This is a good record, so the dog can easily be allergic to what kind of food or not adapt to the stomach I found out, but it should be noted that cooked and raw meat should be regarded as two kinds of ingredients, because some dogs are not allergic to cooked chicken, but are allergic to raw meat. High temperature will destroy the nutrients in the food. In o Phenibut Suppliers rder to avoid the destruction of nutrients to the greatest extent, you can boil the water first, and then slightly cook the chopped meat and vegetables, because It has been chopped up, just a few seconds. Dogs have very little amylase content in their bodies, so carbohydrate foods are not as digestible as meat, so like rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes (also called potatoes), please cook them as much as possible It becomes a paste so it’s easy to digest. Don’t throw away the water that has cooked ingredients. After all, there are still some lost nutrients (water-soluble vitamins, etc.) in it. You might as well mix it in rice or use it as water for dogs drink. The calcium content of poultry, livestock an China Phenibut d fish is relatively low, so if you make your own meat-based food, remember to add calcium. You can add eggshell powder, dairy products, or calcium tablets. Dogs rely on their sense of smell to judge whether food is good or not, so to let the dog like to eat, first of all, the rice must smell the taste that it likes, so we can make some natural “induction” “Food agent” to attract dogs, such as mixing broth and a small amount of animal organs into a mud, mix it in the dog’s rice, the dog smells: Ouch, I go, it’s fragrant. Naturally gobbled up. There is also a small trick, a certain temperature can make the rice more fragrant, so if the weather is cool, the rice can be heated slightly to make the dog feel better. The weather is hot, and many owners say that dogs have a bad appetite. If you have time to have a recipe, how about making it yourself to improve your appetite? ! I’m Awei, public account: hchongb, talk about knowledge, talk about products, and ask questions