How much do you know about the “King of Vitamin C” prickly pear?

About the “King of Vitamin C”, we have talked a lot about it in the past. Today, we will summarize what you know about prickly pear, so that you have a more comprehensive understanding of prickly pear, and firmly believe that prickly pear is a good thing and can bring us healthy nutrition. The skin of the prickly pear fruit is covered with small fleshy thorns. It tastes sour when eaten fresh, but the nutrient content is abnormally high. The “Father of Cili” Luo Dengyi’s analysis report on the nutritional components of Cili is the earliest and most authoritative report. Professor Luo Dengyi analyzed the nutritional components of more than 170 kinds of fruits and vegetables and concluded that: Vitamin C per 100 grams of fresh Cili fruit The content is 841.58-3499.84 mg, and the vitamin C conten Phenibut Suppliers t ranks first in fruits and vegetables. In addition, during the analysis process, it was found that the prickly pear fruit also contains water, carbohydrates, vitamins, organic acids, minerals, proteins and amino acids, tannins, superoxide dismutase (SOD), triterpenes, etc. Important nutrients. The reason why prickly pear can be remembered by people: First, it is full of fleshy thorns but does not affect the unique appearance of fresh food; second, it is known as the “king” of natural nutrients. As a precious fruit for nourishment and fitness, in addition to being processed into prickly pear products, it can also be used as a raw material for other high-nutrient products. The prickly pear comes from the mounta Phenibut Manufacturers ins, and naturally brings the concept of ecological pollution-free. The high-nutrition and pure natural characteristics are favored by many consumers, and have also attracted the attention of the media and big coffee. So, do you know the following? Q: What are the official natural effects of prickly pear? Yang Xiaosheng, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Natural Product Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Guizhou Province, explained the research results related to the effects of prickly pear, which can improve immunity and anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, whitening skin care, nourishing liver and protecting liver And other core functions. Q: Which TV channels has Cili been on Phenibut powder wholesale ? CCTV CCTV1, CCTV2, CCTV4, CCTV8, CCTV10 and many other major channels, Guizhou TV, Hunan TV, Guangdong TV, Shanghai Oriental Cable and other national mainstream media broadcast. Q: Which major brands are also using prickly pear raw materials? Wahaha, Wanglaoji and other big brands are also using prickly pear raw materials to process their own products. Q: Which “big internet celebrity” carries the live broadcast of Cili products? Academician Zhong Nanshan speaks for the prickly pear and brings the live broadcast of prickly pear products. Q: Which celebrities speak for the Cili brand? Hong Kong’s famous movie star Zhou Haimei endorsed the brand of health-health, opening the way for celebrities to endorse the prickly pear brand. Q: Which prickly pear products are already on the market? Prickly pear juice, beverage, fruit wine, tea, preserved fruit, dried prickly pear, soft candy, prickly pear crisp, oral liquid, lozenge, essence oil, shampoo, shampoo, conditioner Wait.