Is the tangerine peel the better? Why is the tangerine peel that has been left for so long as old as possible

Chenpi has many magical uses, so many families also have it. So, the older the tangerine peel, the better? Today I will tell you why the older the tangerine peel is, the better, and the older it is, the more effective it is. First of all, according to ancient historical documents, my country has used citrus peels as Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years, and there has always been a habit of using citrus together. It is also mentioned in Lu Yu’s Tea Poems in the Tang Dynasty Tea is made with orange peel, and the real mention of the word “chenpi” can be traced back to Yan Yonghe in the Song Dynasty in his book “Jishengfang”. Since then, Chenpi Yi said more and more, even Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty also said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Chenpi “Today is the winner of Guangzhong (that is, Xinhui) come”, Qing The traditional Chinese medicine “Erchen Decoction” prescribed by Acting Physician Ye Tianshi also specifically stated “Xinhuipi”. 1. What is Xinhui Chenpi? Xinhui tangerine peel is famous for its high pharmacological ingredients and good health effects. It is a specialty of Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, and it is also a Chinese National Geographical Indication product. Tangerine peels are stored for as long as possible. Those with a shelf life of less than three years are called peels or orange peels, and those with a shelf life of three years or more are called tangerine peels. Generally speaking, the dried tangerine peel is best produced in Guangdong, and it is called “Guangdong Chenpi” in historical trade. In addition, the core production areas of Xinhui are divided into first, second and third line production areas. The second-line production areas are Sanjiang (the three most representative villages: Shenlu, Guantian, and Lianhe), Xiaogang and Shuangshui. These three are all at the town level. Xiaogang has been administratively designated as Shuangshui Town. There is Nantan in Jiangxin. The third-line production areas are Gujing, Daze Buy Phenibut Online and Siqian. These three are all at the town level. Gujing is in the south, and Daze and Siqian are near Heshan in the west, and the output is relatively large.  The citrus fruits from the first-tier production areas (Tianma, Meijiang, Chakeng, Dongjia, Laijia) are high-quality products in the Xinhui citrus category. Here is an example of Shitianyi Xinhui tangerine peel. The orange peel is made of Xinhui Tianma orange. The three rivers gather here. The orange fruit absorbs rich nutrients. The orange fruit is crisp and juicy. It has been exposed to natural sunlight. The aging skin is light, thin and hard. The oil bag is evenly dense, the inner capsule is loose and loose, and the taste is sweet, fragrant, mellow, and old. The tea has no astringency, sweet and smooth. It is said that it is a real Xinhui tangerine peel. Well deserved.  Second, why the older the tangerine peel, the better? I must have heard of “one or two tangerine peels and one or two gold, centuries-old tangerine peels match gold”, and Zhang Lu in the Qing Dynasty called “Orange peel, bitter and warm, non-toxic, Cantonese Dongxinhui, Chen Jiu is good”, this is the conclusion drawn by famous doctors of the past generations in the long process of research and medical practice. It can be proved that Xinhui tangerine peel “Chen Jiu is good” is the result of practice, and it is definitely not a rhetoric. . The higher the age of the tangerine peel, the more aging the soaking, the sweeter and mellow entrance; while the lower the age of the tangerine peel soaking in water will bring a refreshing fragrance, the aging fragrance is not strong, the entrance will be a bit bitter, this characteristic Only the dried tangerine peel from Xinhui has it.  The main chemical components of Xinhui tangerine peel are volatile oil and flavonoids. Therefore, the main medicinal effects of Xinhui tangerine peel are mainly derived from these two components. Why t Phenibut Suppliers he older the tangerine peel is, the better is actually largely related to the changes in the two major components of the tangerine peel in different years.  1. Volatile oil: With the growth of the year, the volatile oil composition of Xinhui tangerine peel changed slowly in the first 3 years. The volatile oil content of tangerine peel over 3 years gradually strengthened the trend, indicating that the change of the year directly affected The composition of Xinhui tangerine peel, the longer the age, the more significant this change will be. In addition, with the growth of the year, Xinhui tangerine peel has more compounds such as alcohols, ketones, acids, esters, etc. This is one of the evidences why the older the tangerine peel, the better.  2. Flavonoids: Experimental studies have shown that the longer the storage period of Xinhui tangerine peel in different years, the higher the total flavonoid content and hesperidin content. The total flavonoids are one of the main active ingredients in Xinhui tangerine peel, and hesperidin is the main component of total flavonoids in tangerine peel. It can be seen that the more aging the tangerine peel, the better it makes sense. In short, as the aging time is longer, the internal components of the tangerine peel will also change, making the medicinal properties more in line with the requirements of traditional Chinese medicine, and can better play the effect of Xinhui tangerine peel. The body has a good effect, such as reducing phlegm and relieving cough, heat and dampness, refreshing and sobering, scraping oil and reducing fat, etc. 3. How do you distinguish the year of tangerine peel?  1. Touch the skin: The shorter the year, the softer the skin of the tangerine peel. Because the short-year tangerine peel still has a lot of fructose and water, it is easy to get damp and soft; The old tangerine peels are hard to touch and fragile; the finest tangerine peels are dr Phenibut powder wholesale y and crisp, and can be easily broken with a light touch. The surface is dry without any moisture.  2, smell: Generally, tangerine peel has three odors: stale, fragrant and mellow. If it is stored for 3-8 years, it smells pungent and has a fruity sour taste, sweet and sour; 9-20 years old has a delicate fragrance, refreshing and pleasant, without fruit sourness; and 20 The -40-year-old tangerine peel is pure fragrance, sweet and mellow; the tangerine peel of more than 50 years is very precious, just pick up a piece of it and smell it, aging and exfoliating, extraordinary.  3. Taste the taste: The shorter tangerine peel tastes bitter, sour, and astringent, while the older tangerine peel is sweet, mellow and aged. The characteristics of high-quality tangerine peel: it must be authentic Guangdong, made from Xinhui high-quality tangerine peel; the more aging the tangerine peel, the more fragrant it will be. If it is only used as a condiment or dessert, 2-3 years of tangerine peel is fine.  4. Look at the color: The inner sac of the short-year tangerine peel is snow-white, yellow-white, and the outer surface is bright red and dark red. Older tangerine peels have ancient red or brownish red inner sacs and brown or black outer surface. The finest tangerine peel is brighter in color, a yellowish brown and slightly yellowish color. Generally, too yellow or too bright tangerine peel is not good.  5. Viewing the color of tea: The tangerine peel is generally light yellow in color, while the old tangerine peel is yellowish red (even red), like amber, clear and transparent. The smell is delicate. In short, the products in the tangerine peel market are currently mixed. There are not a few shoddy tangerine peels and low-year tangerine peels. So everyone must pay more attention and distinguish carefully when choosing. Only the real new club The dried tangerine peel will have a better nourishing effect, and only the authentic Xinhui dried tangerine peel has the value of collection and aging. The above is about “why tangerine peel is better when it is old”. I hope it can solve everyone’s doubts when choosing. If there are other questions, please leave a message and discuss!