List of leading companies in 8 segments of China’s pharmaceutical and medical industry

01Chemical Pharmaceuticals 1. Hengrui Pharmaceuticals: domestic chemical pharmaceuticals, innovative drugs leader. Anti-tumor drugs, surgical drugs and contrast agents. 2. Fosun Pharma: the leader of the entire industry chain covering medicines + equipment + services. 3. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals: A large-scale pharmaceutical industry group listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Its distribution business ranks among the top three in the country. 4. Huahai Pharmaceutical: a leading company in the domestic specialty API industry, and the world’s largest provider of Pristine and Sartan drugs. 02Pharmaceutical R&D 1. WuXi AppTec: CXO complete industry chain leader. Small molecule drug preclinical CRO (main business) + clinical CRO + small molecule drug CDMO (Hequan Pharmaceutical, domestic chemical pharmaceutical CMO ranks first). 2. Tigermed: Clinical CRO (main business, overseas business) + pre-clinical CRO (acquired Fangda Medicine, involved in pre-clinical research). 3. Kailaiying: Small molecule chemical pharmacy CDMO (main business, domestic chemical pharmacy CMO ranking second) + macromolecular biopharmaceuticals (preliminarily involved, start operation this year) + preclinical CRO (start Formation). 4. Yaoshi Technology: design, synthesis and sales of molecular building blocks; leading technology research and development services for downstream related APIs of drug molecular building blocks. 5. Zhaoyan new drug: the leader in drug non-clinical safety evaluation; drug preclinical research services; sales of laboratory animals and auxiliary products. 03Medical equipment 1. Mindray Medical: the leading domestic medical equipment. Life information and support products, in vitro diagnostic products, medical imaging products. 2. Yuyue medical treatment: breathing oxygen supply, rehabilitation care, surgical equipment, high-value consumables, medicinal plasters for Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment equipment, and polymer sanitary accessories. 3. Lepu Medical: the leader in the field of cardiovascular medical equipment. Stent delivery system for coronary artery expansion, intravascular eluting stent system, PTCA balloon dilatation catheter, PTCA angiography guide wire. 4. Huahai Biology: The domestic regenerative medicine leader, the listed products are bio-renewable materials, of which the soft tissue repair series products, oral repair membranes, biofilms, skin repair membranes, etc. have been widely used in dentistry, head and neck surgery, Neurosurgery and other fields. 5. Chutian Technology: Leading medical equipment (automatic lamp inspection machine, freeze dryer, medicine dispensing system, etc., in the field of medical water equipment). 6. Dabo Medical: The leading domestic orthopedic implant. 7. Kailitai: vertebroplasty minimally invasive Phenibut on sale interventional surgery system, orthopedic implants, orthopedic surgical instrument leader. 8. Sanyou Medical: Spinal implant consumables, trauma implant consumables leader. 04Medical Services 1. Aier Ophthalmology: The leading stock of domestic eye hospitals. 2. Tongce Medical: the leading domestic dental medical stock. 3. Weining Health: a leading domestic medical informatization enterprise (cloud platform). 05Vaccine Biology1. Changchun High-tech: Recombinant human growth hormone leader; Live attenuated varicella vaccine, human rabies vaccine, biopharmaceutical, real estate Development. 2. Watson Bio: Domestically, it is specialized in the research and development, production and sales of biological drugs such as vaccines (pneumonia) and blood products. 3. Kangtai Bio: The earliest domestically engaged in recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). 4. Zhifei Bio: R&D, production and sales of vaccines and biological products. (The largest domestic agent of cervical cancer vaccines) 5. Wuwu Bio: The only leading sublingual desensitization company in China, with a market share of over 80% (for the treatment of allergic rhinitis). 6. Tiantan Biology: The largest domestic manufacturer of vaccines and blood products, and the largest producer of national planned immunization products. 7. Hualan Biology: The domestic leader in blood products, and its plasma processing capacity ranks first in Asia. 06Medical diagnosis1. Antu Bio: the leader in in vitro diagnostics (the company focuses on the R&D, production, sales and service of in vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments , The products cover the fields of immunodiagnosis, microbial detection, biochemical diagnosis, etc., which can provide comprehensive solutions for medical laboratories). 2. BGI Gene: the leader in gene sequencing. 3. Dean Diagnosis: An independent third-party medical diagnosis service platform, which mainly provides overall medical diagnosis service solutions with medical diagnosis service outsourcing as the core business to medical and health institutions at all levels. 4. Runda Medical: leading saccharification reagents and biochemical reagents. 5. Kaipu Bio: a leading provider of nucleic acid molecular diagnostic products in China, focusing on molecular diagnostic reagents and molecular diagnostic equipment. 07Pharmaceutical Distribution1. Yifeng Pharmacy: A leading large-scale pharmaceutical retail chain enterprise in the domestic region, has established the industry’s most automated and informatized level A large-scale modern pharmaceutical logistics center. (Small size, fastest growth in revenue and net profit)2. People: one of the leading pharmaceutical retail chain companies in Chin China Phenibut a, and the pioneer of the various “affordable supermarket pharmacies” models of domestic retail pharmacies. 3. Dashenlin: A leading large-scale pharmaceutical retail company in the country, focusing on direct chain retail business of Chinese and Western patent medicines, health products, medical enterprises and other commodities. 4. Yixintang: a large-scale retail chain enterprise focusing on pharmaceutical business; its main business is pharmaceutical retail chain and pharmaceutical wholesale business. 08Other leading 1. Pien Tze Huang: The leading Chinese patent medicine in China, with top-secret formula and top-secret technology at the national level. 2. Yunnan Baiyao: a leading company in branded traditional Chinese medicine, with a national top-secret formula. 3. Tongrentang: the leading Chinese patent medicine, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular series represented by Angong Niuhuang Pills, Tongren Niuhuang Qingxin Pills, and Tongren Dahuoluo Pills; represented by Wuji Baifeng Pills and Kunbao Pills Gynecology series, the liquor series represented by Guogongjiu and Guspur Xiaotong Liquid. 4. Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical: one of the leading Chinese patent medicines, an established OTC company, Jiangzhong brand Jianweixiaoshi tablets. 5. Yangpu Medical: domestic vacuum blood collection leader; 6. Jiu’an Medical: domestic electronic blood pressure monitor leader; 7. Kangdelai: syringe Leading; 8. Jianfan Biology: domestic hemoperfusion leading; 9. Baiyunshan: Mainly focusing on “Great Southern Medicine”, “Great Health”, “Big Business” and ” A comprehensive pharmaceutical company in the four business sectors of “Big Medical”; 10. Sharpais: the leading eye drops; 11. Yibai Pharmaceutical: the leading domestic anti-tumor medicine ; (The only platinum drug with independent intellectual property rights! It has the advantages of broad anti-tumor spectrum, good anti-tumor activity, good stability, high solubility and low toxicity) 12. : The company is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients in China, and the largest manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical excipients for solid preparations in China; 13. China Medicine: It has a leading domestic chemical raw material drug research and development and production platform, and is domestically advanced The R&D and production platform of characteristic chemical drugs and modern Chinese medicines in the field of anti-infective and antiviral drugs and the cultivation and processing of licorice and other medicinal materials and products; 14. Kelun Pharmaceutical: China One of the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies with the most complete varieties and the most complete packaging in the infusion industry; 15. Ea Phenibut on sale st China Medicine: a large-scale pharmaceutical research and development, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical distribution, retail, and pharmaceutical logistics. A comprehensive pharmaceutical listed company, undertaking the task of special drug storage by the national, provincial and municipal governments; 16. Lukang Medicine: the leading veterinary antibiotic; 17. Zhejiang Medicine: domestic The largest (the world’s second) vitamin E producer; 18. Xinhecheng: the domestic vitamin leader, with the largest VA and VE production capacity in the country; 19. Brother Technology: the world’s largest Supplier of vitamin K3;20. Jindawei: The world’s largest manufacturer of coenzyme Q10, accounting for 50% of the global market. In the vitamin field, its position is also very prominent: it is one of only six VA manufacturers in the world, and the production and sales volume of VD3 ranks fifth in the world; 21. Guangji Pharmaceutical: The world leader in vitamin B2; 2.2. Yifan Pharmaceutical: the leading domestic vitamin B5, the world’s largest producer of D-calcium pantothenate; 23. China Resources Sanjiu: the leading domestic OTC pharmaceutical stock, a central enterprise A subsidiary of China Resources, the sales volume of 999 Ganmaoling series ranked first in the cold medicine market for five consecutive years; Sanjiuweitai and 999 Piyanping also ranked in the forefront of OTC gastric medicine and skin medicine respectively; 24. Rheinland Bio: global leader in plant extract industry and global leader in natural sweeteners; 25. Yongan Pharmaceutical: the world’s largest taurine production base;26. Huangshan Capsule: Capsule leading enterprise; 27. Qianjin Pharmaceutical: Leading gynecological medicine: 28. Manova: It is one of the companies that export the largest variety of European characteristic APIs in China; 29. Buchang Pharmaceutical: one of the leading Chinese patent medicines, has obvious advantages in the domestic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular market; 30. Stellite: has covered major iodine contrast agents at home and abroad It is one of the domestic companies with the most abundant product reserves; 31. Enhua Pharmaceutical: the leading central nervous system medication in China; 32. Renfu Pharmaceutical: the leading anesthetic, Condom leader-Jieshibang’s sales volume first in China; 33. Zhongxin Pharmaceutical: one of the leading cardiovascular and gastrointestinal medicines, Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, Huoxiang Zhengqi Capsules; 34. Jiuzhitang: one of the leading traditional Chinese medicines in China, a century-old brand, main products: donkey glue blood tonic granules, Liuwei Dihuang pills; 35. Haisco: one of the leading chemical pharmaceuticals, parenteral nutrition The market share is the first in the market, and it is a top-ranking manufacturer of liver disease drugs in the country. It occupies an important position in the two market segments of liver disease and digestion and anti-infection;