Maca side effects and contraindications

Maca taboo  

Experts pointed out: Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding may not be suitable for taking Maca products. Because there is no authoritative data to prove that the use of maca by pregnant and breastfeeding women will not have physical effects on the fetus or young children, so it is prudent that pregnant and breastfeeding women should stop taking maca. According to the “Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the “New Resource Food Management Measures”, maca powder is now approved as a new resource food. The production and operation of new resource food shall comply with relevant laws, regulations and standards. 1. Maca should be taken cautiously when pregnant women and children, because so far, there is no scientific experiment to prove whether maca has an indirect effect on the fetus. Therefore, during pregnancy, You should stop taking Maca. 2. For thyroid patients, because Maca contains glucosinolate compounds, if taken in excess with a low-iodine diet, it may cause thyroid swelling. Goiter includes difficulty swallowing, coughing, breathing difficulties, tightness in the throat, and swelling at the bottom of the neck. It should also be taken with caution.

Maca side effects

The side effects of maca cannot be ignored. The maca industry advertises that maca is a pure natural herb without any side effects. This is actually quite misleading. So what are the side effects of maca? One of the side effects of Maca: Buy Phenibut Online It may cause goiter. Maca contains glucosinolate compounds. If taken in excess with a low-iodine diet, it may cause thyroid swelling. The second side effect of Maca: it may be allergic. Many people are allergic to it. Allergies are mainly caused by allergens, and everyone’s allergens are different. For example, some people are allergic to certain flowers. Symptoms of allergies include: itching, tingling or swelling of the mouth, lips or throat; rash, skin redness, itching; diarrhea or vomiting; runny or nasal congestion, red, painful or watery eyes; difficulty swallowing; coughing, Wheezing, breathing difficulties, stiff joints, fainting, and shock are all symptoms of allergies, and maca may also be an allergen for some people. Maca side effect third: it may cause skin problems. Because maca increases hormone secretion, it is not suitable for teenagers and infants to eat maca. Maca can cause skin diseases such as acne in teenagers. The fourth side effect of Maca: regulating sex hormone levels, leading to menstrual disorders and decreased libido. Many people don’t understand this. Maca can obviously increase libido. Why does it cause menstrual disorders and decreased libido? Maca is suitable for people with endocrine imbalance. If your endocrine is normal, you don’t need to take maca, because maca may increase hormone secretion and cause endocrine imbalance. Therefore, Phenibut on sale the ancients said that it is very reasonable not to take medicine without disorder. The fifth side effect of Maca: It may cause nausea and stomach discomfort. This is mainly different from person to person and has a lot to do with gastrointestinal conditions. Sixth side effect of Maca: Maca overdose can cause irritation, and people who are irritated eating maca will cause increased irritation. This amount must be controlled and good things should be taken in moderation. Maca is a kind of herb, but it should not be consumed in excess. Generally, it is very reasonable to keep it within 25 grams a day. If you consume too much, it will cause a series of bad effects.

Which people are not suitable for eating maca

Infants and young children: Although maca can be used as an energy supplement, maca has another function to improve human libido and sexual ability. This is not suitable for infants and young children, because it may lead to premature maturity. From a plant perspective, infants and young children can eat maca fresh fruit, but health foods such as maca essence tablets are not recommended for infants and young children. Breastfeeding women: Maca has the function of regulating and balancing endocrine, and endocrine disorders can lead to a series of consequences, such as rough skin, stains, etc., and many women eat maca or maca to regulate endocrine Coffee essence table Phenibut on sale ts can effectively regulate the body’s secretion and keep it in balance, so as to achieve the effect of beauty and beauty. Maca does have this effect, but it is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers to eat maca, because maca can enhance sexual desire, and whether the nutrients in maca will affect the milk composition of breastfeeding mothers, there is no definite Studies have shown that whether breastfeeding mothers eat maca and its milk will affect the fetus, in this case, for the sake of insurance, it is not recommended to eat maca. Pregnant women: During pregnancy, due to the protection of their children, they usually stop having intercourse. Maca can increase libido and improve sexual performance, which is not conducive to pregnancy protection. On the other hand, currently There is no clinical proof that the nutritional content of maca will not have a bad effect on the fetus, but for the sake of insurance, it is not recommended for pregnant women to eat maca. Patients with thyroid disease: There is a compound called glucosinolate in maca. There is more or less iodine intake in the diet, and glucosinolates combined with iodine may cause thyroid swelling , Which will have a series of effects on patients with thyroid disease. Minors: Experts believe that maca is not suitable for minors. Minors are in the developmental period and are growing up. It is recommended to eat more nutritious vegetables and fruits to satisfy growth. Need, from a health perspective, as long as the nutrition can keep up, you can generally grow up healthily. Maca faces mainly adults with endocrine disorders, reduced physical strength, and fatigue.