The most reasonable breakfast combination

After a night’s sleep and rest, the body should prepare for the day’s work and study with a rich nutritional supplement. Then there is how to take in rich nutrients to cope with the whole day’s consumption. What harm will it bring if you skip breakfast? First, it causes hypoglycemia, pale complexion, weakness of limbs, lack of energy, and even shock. Second, insufficient brain energy seriously affects memory. Thirdly, it is prone to chronic diseases such as gastritis and ulcer disease. Fourth, induce gallstones. So not only to eat breakfast, but also to attach great importance to the quality of breakfast. Some people think: “Breakfast is gold, lunch is silver, and dinner is copper.” Consistently eating a nutritious breakfast every day is one of the elements for prolonging life. Nutritionists believe that:Breakfast with good nutritional quality should include cereals, animal foods, milk, vegetables and fruits. Expert research has also found that students who eat enough energy and a balanced breakfast are better than those who eat breakfast with unreasonable nutrition in terms of digital use, creative imagination and physical endurance. Under normal circumstances, middle school students’ daily breakfast intake of nutrients should meet the ingredients and amounts listed in the following table:Protein 95.9g Fat 52.6g Carbohydrate 366.5g Calorie 2319.1kcal Vitamin A 269.9μg Carotene 4.6 mg retinol equivalent 1037.4 micrograms Vitamin B1 1.4 mg Vitamin B2 1.3 mg Vitamin C 191.0 mg Vitamin E 35.6 mg Calcium 960.0 mg Iron 28.2 mg Zinc 15.2 mg CampNutritionists believe that: People’s nutrients must meet the balanced diet pagoda. The balanced diet pagoda is divided into five layers, containing the main types of food we should eat every day. The location and area of ??each floor of the pagoda are different, which reflects the status and proportion of various foods in the diet to a certain extent. The first layer (bottom): cereals. Including rice, noodles and miscellaneous grains. Mainly provide carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber and B vitamins. They are the main source of energy in the diet, and it is better to eat a variety of cereals mixed than one alone. Each person needs to eat 350 to 500 grams per day. The second layer: vegetables and fruits. Mainly provide dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and carotene. Vegetables and fruits have their own characteristics, and they cannot be completely substituted for each other. You can’t just eat fruits without vegetables. Generally speaking, darker red, green, and yellow vegetables and dark yellow fruits are rich in nutrients, so dark vegetables and fruits should be used more. You should eat 400-500 grams of vegetables and 100-200 grams of fruits every day. The third layer: fish, shrimp, meat, eggs (meat includes livestock, poultry and offal). Mainly provide high-quality protein, fat Phenibut on sale , minerals, vitamin A and B vitamins. They differ in nutrient content from each other. 150~200 grams should be eaten every day. Fourth level: milk and legumes. Milk mainly includes fresh milk and milk powder. In addition to being rich in high-quality protein and vitamins, the calcium content is relatively high, and the utilization rate is also high. It is an excellent source of natural calcium. Beans are rich in high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium and vitamins B1 and B2. Drink 250 to 500 grams of fresh milk every day and eat 50 to 100 grams of beans and soy products. The fifth floor (the spire): grease. Including plant non-physical oil and so on. Mainly provide energy. Vegetable oil can also provide vitamin E and essential fatty acids. No more than 25 grams per day. Please note to young friends:1. On the food pagoda, you have seen five types of food you need every day. They can’t replace each other. To make your body healthy, you need every type of food. 2. The nutrients contained in the various foods on the same floor of the pagoda are roughly similar, and they should be replaced frequently in the diet to make the diet colorful. And the more varieties you eat, the more comprehensive the nutrient intake. 3. In daily life, every food may not be eaten according to the recommended amount of the pagoda every day. If you don’t have to eat 50 grams of fish a day, you can change to eating 2~3 times a week, 150~200 grams each time. It is important that the daily meal includes all kinds of food in the pagoda, and always follow the various layers of the pagoda. The general proportion of food. Second, how do we eat breakfast? Abandon your habit of skipping breakfast or dealing with it casually! A nutritious breakfast can keep you energetic throughout the day! The ideal breakfast should master the following two principles:Meal time:Generally speaking, it’s best to eat breakfast 20-30 minutes after getting up, because People’s appetite is strongest at this time. The basic principles of nutritional collocation are: complement each other, dry and thin balance, and meat and vegetable collocation. The following nutrients must be paid attention to when you eat in the morning:A carbohydrate. The movement of human brain and nerve cells must rely on sugar to produce energy. So you can eat some starchy foods such as steamed bread, bread, porridge and so on. The calories provided by breakfast account for 30% of the calories throughout the day. Mainly rely on the staple food so breakfast must be eaten well. B protein food. Whether the human body can maintain sufficient energy is mainly determined by the protein consumed at breakfast. Therefore, a certain amount of animal protein such as eggs, meat floss, soy products and other foods should be sup Phenibut on sale plemented for breakfast. The C vitamin is the most overlooked. Some hot and sour dishes, mixed side dishes, kimchi, vegetable salad, fruit salad, etc. are best. Breakfast rules: calorie calculationCalculate how many calories you need in a day to maintain basic body power, allocate 1/3 of your calories to breakfast, don’t worry about excessive calories causing fat accumulation, and your metabolic rate during the day High, easy to absorb nutrients, easy to digest heat. Breakfast rules: complex carbohydratesIngest more heat energy from complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain products such as whole wheat bread. This starch is easy to decompose and quickly provides you with the energy and various nutrients you need. Breakfast Rules: Water ReplenishmentWater replenishment is also very important in the morning. The nutritionist recommends that 1/3 of the amount of water needed in a day should be replenished in the morning. Before eating, take a cup of 200cc of boiling water to activate the stomach, or a cup of yogurt to help digestion after a meal. Breakfast rules: lightA meal with too much oil content will slow down the blood circulation rate and reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood. The breakfast recipe should be light and balanced. If you really can’t help being crispy and delicious, you can eat it once or twice a week. If you want to be refreshed and energetic in the crowd every day, start today. Staple food: Two slices of bread and side dishes with side ham, red jam soup; 1 bird’s nest and lotus soupNutrition:Calories 570.2 kcal, protein 19.2g, fat 9.5g, carbohydrate 101.5g, vitamin A 4.24, microgram vitamin B1 0.28mg, vitamin B2 0.24mg, vitamin C 16.44mg, calcium 85 .09mg, iron 4.21mg, zinc 2.26mg, copper 0.65mg.Three. Recommend a week’s breakfast recipe to you1 bag of milk for Monday, Wednesday and Friday , Plus 1 bag of nutritious grains, 1-3 fresh meat buns, one banana; Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: a bowl of white porridge (100 grams), plus 1 fried egg, siumai bun ( Vegetable package) 1 piece, 1 bottle of yogurt. Monday staple food:Coconut toast 1 to 2 slices Non-staple food: bacon 2 slices side dish: 1 fruit salad (similar to KFC) Soup: cream lily soup Nutrition for 1 serving: Calories 685.2 kcal, protein 26.9g, fat 25.2g, carbohydrate 87.5g, vitamin C 11.54 micrograms, calcium 72.59mg, iron 5.62mg, zinc 3. 00mg, copper 1. 30mg. Tuesday staple food:50g Hangzhou Xiaolongbao (2 pcs) Non-staple food: Spiced tea egg 1 side dish: 1 Babao dish (1 small dish) Soup: small Wonton 50g Nutritional composition: calories 5785 kcal, protein 28.0g, fat 21.9g, carbohydrate 67.2g, vitamin A 138.38 micrograms, vitamin B1 0. 50mg, vitamin B20. 30mg, vitamin C 0. 20mg , Calcium 62.84mg, iron 7.42mg, zinc 3.29mg, copper 0.34mg. Wednesday staple fo Phenibut Suppliers od: Chocolate egg rolls 1-2 pieces Non-staple food: spicy chicken wings 1-2 side dishes: hot and sour melon noodles 1 soup pure fresh milk 300ml nutrition: calories 741.7 kcal protein 27.6g fat 32.3g carbohydrate 85.0g vitamin A 198.77 microgram vitamin B1 O.19mg vitamin B2 0.53mg vitamin C 9.99mg calcium 333.05mg iron 4.83mg zinc 3. 65mg copper 1. 36mg. Thursday staple food: 50 grams of milk king buns, non-staple food: pork tenderloin (cooked food) 1-2 slices Side dish: mix three shreds (carrots, peppers, potatoes) 1 serving Soup: 50 grams of black rice and purple rice porridge. Nutritional ingredients: calories 581.7 kcal, protein 26.2 g, fat 16.4g, carbohydrate 81.4g, vitamin A 142.99, microgram vitamin B1 0.21mg, vitamins B2 0.20mg, vitamin C 13.54mg, calcium 43.29mg, iron 4.76mg, zinc 4.84mg, copper 0.37mg. Friday staple food:Shrimp burger 1 non-staple food: 1 vegetable salad Ligong: 1 pea puree cream soup Nutrients: 7046 calories. Kcal, 19. 6g, fat 40.1g, carbohydrate 69.3g, vitamin A 192.27 micrograms, vitamin B1 013mg, vitamin B20.15mg, vitamin C 28.44mg, calcium 153.33mg, iron 4.52mg, zinc 2.77mg, Copper 0.5mg. Saturday staple food: 50 grams of red bean paste buns Non-staple food: chicken liver with soy sauce, 2 side dishes: mixed potherb mustard and red bean soup: 50 grams of white fungus, longan and barley porridge Nutrition: calories 690.2 kcal, protein 27. 0g, fat 15.5g, carbohydrate 110. 2g, vitamin A 11.69g, microgram vitamin B1 0.38mg, vitamin B2 0.23mg, vitamin C2.19mg, calcium 177.85mg , Iron 8.22mg, zinc 3.88mg, copper 0.93mg. Four. Please try to make it(1) Minced meat vegetable porridge, bean paste buns, celery tofu, dried meat minced meat Vegetable porridge: japonica rice, glutinous rice, minced meat, spinach, carrots . Red bean paste buns: flour, red bean paste, preserved fruits, lard. Dried tofu with celery: celery, dried tofu shreds, rice white shreds. Shiitake. (2) Oatmeal, vegetable meat buns, assorted picklesOatmeal: oatmeal, shredded ham, chopped carrots, coriander. Cairoubao: flour, minced meat, pickled cabbage, dried tofu, shiitake mushrooms. Assorted kimchi: Chinese cabbage, mustard tuber, cucumber, pepper, etc. (3) Black date porridge, fresh meat dumplings, bamboo shoots and dried beansBlack date porridge: japonica rice, glutinous rice, horse bud dates, walnuts. Fresh meat dumplings: flour, minced meat, winter bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms. Scarlet bamboo shoots and dried tofu: bamboo shoots, dried tofu, carrots, mushrooms. (4) Preserved egg porridge, jam package, pickled vegetable minced meatPreserved egg porridge: japonica rice, glutinous rice, preserved eggs, celery, ham. Jam package: flour, jam, walnuts, milk. Pickled vegetables: pickled vegetables, minced meat, potatoes, carrots. (5) Vegetable meat wonton, ginkgo cake, quail egg Vegetable meat wonton: flour, minced meat, pickled cabbage, mushrooms, ginger. Ginkgo cake: glutinous rice, japonica rice, ginkgo, walnuts, raisins. Quail eggs: quail eggs, mung bean sprouts, green pepper shreds.

Is the tangerine peel the better? Why is the tangerine peel that has been left for so long as old as possible

Chenpi has many magical uses, so many families also have it. So, the older the tangerine peel, the better? Today I will tell you why the older the tangerine peel is, the better, and the older it is, the more effective it is. First of all, according to ancient historical documents, my country has used citrus peels as Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years, and there has always been a habit of using citrus together. It is also mentioned in Lu Yu’s Tea Poems in the Tang Dynasty Tea is made with orange peel, and the real mention of the word “chenpi” can be traced back to Yan Yonghe in the Song Dynasty in his book “Jishengfang”. Since then, Chenpi Yi said more and more, even Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty also said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Chenpi “Today is the winner of Guangzhong (that is, Xinhui) come”, Qing The traditional Chinese medicine “Erchen Decoction” prescribed by Acting Physician Ye Tianshi also specifically stated “Xinhuipi”. 1. What is Xinhui Chenpi? Xinhui tangerine peel is famous for its high pharmacological ingredients and good health effects. It is a specialty of Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, and it is also a Chinese National Geographical Indication product. Tangerine peels are stored for as long as possible. Those with a shelf life of less than three years are called peels or orange peels, and those with a shelf life of three years or more are called tangerine peels. Generally speaking, the dried tangerine peel is best produced in Guangdong, and it is called “Guangdong Chenpi” in historical trade. In addition, the core production areas of Xinhui are divided into first, second and third line production areas. The second-line production areas are Sanjiang (the three most representative villages: Shenlu, Guantian, and Lianhe), Xiaogang and Shuangshui. These three are all at the town level. Xiaogang has been administratively designated as Shuangshui Town. There is Nantan in Jiangxin. The third-line production areas are Gujing, Daze Buy Phenibut Online and Siqian. These three are all at the town level. Gujing is in the south, and Daze and Siqian are near Heshan in the west, and the output is relatively large.  The citrus fruits from the first-tier production areas (Tianma, Meijiang, Chakeng, Dongjia, Laijia) are high-quality products in the Xinhui citrus category. Here is an example of Shitianyi Xinhui tangerine peel. The orange peel is made of Xinhui Tianma orange. The three rivers gather here. The orange fruit absorbs rich nutrients. The orange fruit is crisp and juicy. It has been exposed to natural sunlight. The aging skin is light, thin and hard. The oil bag is evenly dense, the inner capsule is loose and loose, and the taste is sweet, fragrant, mellow, and old. The tea has no astringency, sweet and smooth. It is said that it is a real Xinhui tangerine peel. Well deserved.  Second, why the older the tangerine peel, the better? I must have heard of “one or two tangerine peels and one or two gold, centuries-old tangerine peels match gold”, and Zhang Lu in the Qing Dynasty called “Orange peel, bitter and warm, non-toxic, Cantonese Dongxinhui, Chen Jiu is good”, this is the conclusion drawn by famous doctors of the past generations in the long process of research and medical practice. It can be proved that Xinhui tangerine peel “Chen Jiu is good” is the result of practice, and it is definitely not a rhetoric. . The higher the age of the tangerine peel, the more aging the soaking, the sweeter and mellow entrance; while the lower the age of the tangerine peel soaking in water will bring a refreshing fragrance, the aging fragrance is not strong, the entrance will be a bit bitter, this characteristic Only the dried tangerine peel from Xinhui has it.  The main chemical components of Xinhui tangerine peel are volatile oil and flavonoids. Therefore, the main medicinal effects of Xinhui tangerine peel are mainly derived from these two components. Why t Phenibut Suppliers he older the tangerine peel is, the better is actually largely related to the changes in the two major components of the tangerine peel in different years.  1. Volatile oil: With the growth of the year, the volatile oil composition of Xinhui tangerine peel changed slowly in the first 3 years. The volatile oil content of tangerine peel over 3 years gradually strengthened the trend, indicating that the change of the year directly affected The composition of Xinhui tangerine peel, the longer the age, the more significant this change will be. In addition, with the growth of the year, Xinhui tangerine peel has more compounds such as alcohols, ketones, acids, esters, etc. This is one of the evidences why the older the tangerine peel, the better.  2. Flavonoids: Experimental studies have shown that the longer the storage period of Xinhui tangerine peel in different years, the higher the total flavonoid content and hesperidin content. The total flavonoids are one of the main active ingredients in Xinhui tangerine peel, and hesperidin is the main component of total flavonoids in tangerine peel. It can be seen that the more aging the tangerine peel, the better it makes sense. In short, as the aging time is longer, the internal components of the tangerine peel will also change, making the medicinal properties more in line with the requirements of traditional Chinese medicine, and can better play the effect of Xinhui tangerine peel. The body has a good effect, such as reducing phlegm and relieving cough, heat and dampness, refreshing and sobering, scraping oil and reducing fat, etc. 3. How do you distinguish the year of tangerine peel?  1. Touch the skin: The shorter the year, the softer the skin of the tangerine peel. Because the short-year tangerine peel still has a lot of fructose and water, it is easy to get damp and soft; The old tangerine peels are hard to touch and fragile; the finest tangerine peels are dr Phenibut powder wholesale y and crisp, and can be easily broken with a light touch. The surface is dry without any moisture.  2, smell: Generally, tangerine peel has three odors: stale, fragrant and mellow. If it is stored for 3-8 years, it smells pungent and has a fruity sour taste, sweet and sour; 9-20 years old has a delicate fragrance, refreshing and pleasant, without fruit sourness; and 20 The -40-year-old tangerine peel is pure fragrance, sweet and mellow; the tangerine peel of more than 50 years is very precious, just pick up a piece of it and smell it, aging and exfoliating, extraordinary.  3. Taste the taste: The shorter tangerine peel tastes bitter, sour, and astringent, while the older tangerine peel is sweet, mellow and aged. The characteristics of high-quality tangerine peel: it must be authentic Guangdong, made from Xinhui high-quality tangerine peel; the more aging the tangerine peel, the more fragrant it will be. If it is only used as a condiment or dessert, 2-3 years of tangerine peel is fine.  4. Look at the color: The inner sac of the short-year tangerine peel is snow-white, yellow-white, and the outer surface is bright red and dark red. Older tangerine peels have ancient red or brownish red inner sacs and brown or black outer surface. The finest tangerine peel is brighter in color, a yellowish brown and slightly yellowish color. Generally, too yellow or too bright tangerine peel is not good.  5. Viewing the color of tea: The tangerine peel is generally light yellow in color, while the old tangerine peel is yellowish red (even red), like amber, clear and transparent. The smell is delicate. In short, the products in the tangerine peel market are currently mixed. There are not a few shoddy tangerine peels and low-year tangerine peels. So everyone must pay more attention and distinguish carefully when choosing. Only the real new club The dried tangerine peel will have a better nourishing effect, and only the authentic Xinhui dried tangerine peel has the value of collection and aging. The above is about “why tangerine peel is better when it is old”. I hope it can solve everyone’s doubts when choosing. If there are other questions, please leave a message and discuss!

A glimpse of the current situation of Japanese Kampo medicine from the new regulations of Tsumura Pharmaceutical

Although Japan formally joined PIC/S in 2014, there have always been some differences between Japanese GMP and PIC/S regulations. It is embodied in the following six aspects.

  • Considering quality risk verification implementation
  • Import annual review (product quality survey)
  • Stability test monitoring
  • Storage of reference products containing raw materials
  • Management of raw material manufacturers
  • Correspondence to the concept of risk management

In order to eliminate these differences as much as possible, the Japanese government is constantly revising Japanese GMP regulations content. At the same time, we have also seen that some companies are actively cooperating to respond to the new PIC/S regulations. TSUMURA ??(Tsumura Co., Ltd.) conducted stability tests under the severe conditions required by PIC/S. Based on the results, the validity period of all Kampo preparations under its company will be revised in October 2020. The specific change is to shorten the validity period from 5 years to 3 years. This article will specifically discuss its background and the purpose behind it, and use this article to learn more about the efforts of Japan’s largest Kampo medicine company in pursuing product quality.

1. The existence of PIC/S is more as a “reference” PIC/S is a country An informal agreement organization between GMP administrative agencies, the purpose of which is to promote international consistency in quality management. PIC/S is mainly responsible for the development of GMP guidelines (GL) for national common standards, as well as the final unification of international audit standards based on training and education of auditors of various countries. In view of the fact that PIC/S itself is an informal group organization, various countries have different views on PIC/S, and there is basically no mandatory binding f China Phenibut orce. The GMP GL of PIC/S in Japan is also used as a reference, not an obligation. Regarding the effectiveness, safety, and quality of the drug, the pharmaceutical company shall, on the basis of self-accountability, scientifically prove it, and obtain a production and sales license from PMDA (Japan Food and Drug Administration) based on the results Application. PMDA reviews and approves this. The same is true for the stability of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies must scientifically and reasonably prove that the quality of the medicines produced can remain stable after a period of time. However, PMDA has no precise regulations on how to ensure product quality, but it is up to companies to judge how to conduct scientific demonstrations. The quality of medicines is easily affected by temperature and humidity. In the past, Tsumura conducted stability evaluations based on the approved stability test results under the premise of natural changes in the temperature of the storage site. In 2012, before Japan joined the PIC/S, Tsumura began to independently implement the stability test of the ICH standard. Under more severe conditions than the approved conditions (temperature 25±2°C, humidity 60±5%RH), the content of the quantitative components contained in Kampo was monitored. The results were summarized in 2019. Although some of the component results were within the standard range, the component content decreased after 5 years. Tsumura hopes to provide the market with products that guarantee a certain quality, and their quality and production will not change. Therefore, after careful discussion, the company took the initiative to shorten the validity period of its products to three years (except for Dajianzhongtang, which is valid for three years), which is the news content mentioned in the title of this article. 2. Move the whole body together, this als Buy Phenibut Online o caused criticism In response to the shortening of the product expiration date, some pharmacies responded to the This complained. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare considers the case of Tsumura to “actively respond in accordance with stricter international standards.” On the other hand, what should other pharmaceutical companies do? The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare also responded to this, “For product stability monitoring, even if it does not comply with PIC/S, it will not be judged as a violation of the Pharmaceutical Machinery Act or GMP regulations. More importantly, companies need to know how to scientifically Carry out production management.” As for the stability tests carried out by other companies, it is difficult for others except companies to know. According to an interview with the Kampo Pharmaceutical Association of Japan, the association stated that “it has not received any inquiries from member companies on the change of the expiration date. If it is necessary to modify the expiration date, each company can make changes on its own.” Kracie Pharmaceuticals, which has the second largest market share of medicinal Kampo, also responded to this incident, saying that “the original company’s products have a validity period of three years”, “there are stability monitoring data now, and there is no impact yet.” If necessary, the company will seriously discuss and respond.” 3. Higher pursuit of product quality Why Tsumura’s PIC/S regulations are not just for reference, but based on PIC /S Regulations have implemented stability tests and shortened the validity period of products? Tsumura believes that even before Japan joined PIC/S, the company had a strong sense of product quality. The effectiveness and safety of Kampo medicine are greatly affected by the quality of crude drugs. The quality o Phenibut powder wholesale f crude drugs varies according to the cultivation conditions and climatic conditions of medicinal plants. For this reason, before Japan joined PIC/S, Tsumura established a strict quality assurance system (refer to the Tsumura quality system diagram below), which can be traced back to what crude drug raw materials are used, where the manufacturer produces and conducts What kind of cultivation. Fixing the place of production and instructing producers on cultivation methods can effectively suppress the fluctuation of the active ingredients contained in crude drugs. Even so, the ingredients will fluctuate. For this, Tsumura has established a management system based on the ingredient data contained in the batches of crude drugs to strictly ensure that the balance of ingredients contained in the product formulation is optimized and the final product conforms to The quality uniformity of Kampo preparations. Finally, Tsumura mentioned in his reply, “In the field of botanicals, we are pursuing the highest quality system in the world. PIC/S GMP regulates the management of crude drugs, and we are based on WHO guidelines The standard “Quality Management Practice for Planting and Collection of Medicinal Plants” (GACP) has established an exclusive strict standard for quality management, and the preparation plant has also improved its equipment in accordance with the PIC/S GMP regulations. This modification to shorten the validity period is also one of the links”———–EndThis article was translated from December 21, 2020 A column article in the Japanese Journal of Pharmaceuticals, “Why actively cater to PIC/S regulations? Tsumura’s Quality Management Countermeasures”In order to better understand, the editor adds some information on Tsumura’s official website

  • In the cultivation of crude drugs, extract processing and Japan For domestic processing, Tsumura has established a complete management system

“Raw materials from cultivation and processing to production Process” from the official website of Tsumura

  • Based on GACP to control the source of cultivated crude drugs

List of leading companies in 8 segments of China’s pharmaceutical and medical industry

01Chemical Pharmaceuticals 1. Hengrui Pharmaceuticals: domestic chemical pharmaceuticals, innovative drugs leader. Anti-tumor drugs, surgical drugs and contrast agents. 2. Fosun Pharma: the leader of the entire industry chain covering medicines + equipment + services. 3. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals: A large-scale pharmaceutical industry group listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Its distribution business ranks among the top three in the country. 4. Huahai Pharmaceutical: a leading company in the domestic specialty API industry, and the world’s largest provider of Pristine and Sartan drugs. 02Pharmaceutical R&D 1. WuXi AppTec: CXO complete industry chain leader. Small molecule drug preclinical CRO (main business) + clinical CRO + small molecule drug CDMO (Hequan Pharmaceutical, domestic chemical pharmaceutical CMO ranks first). 2. Tigermed: Clinical CRO (main business, overseas business) + pre-clinical CRO (acquired Fangda Medicine, involved in pre-clinical research). 3. Kailaiying: Small molecule chemical pharmacy CDMO (main business, domestic chemical pharmacy CMO ranking second) + macromolecular biopharmaceuticals (preliminarily involved, start operation this year) + preclinical CRO (start Formation). 4. Yaoshi Technology: design, synthesis and sales of molecular building blocks; leading technology research and development services for downstream related APIs of drug molecular building blocks. 5. Zhaoyan new drug: the leader in drug non-clinical safety evaluation; drug preclinical research services; sales of laboratory animals and auxiliary products. 03Medical equipment 1. Mindray Medical: the leading domestic medical equipment. Life information and support products, in vitro diagnostic products, medical imaging products. 2. Yuyue medical treatment: breathing oxygen supply, rehabilitation care, surgical equipment, high-value consumables, medicinal plasters for Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment equipment, and polymer sanitary accessories. 3. Lepu Medical: the leader in the field of cardiovascular medical equipment. Stent delivery system for coronary artery expansion, intravascular eluting stent system, PTCA balloon dilatation catheter, PTCA angiography guide wire. 4. Huahai Biology: The domestic regenerative medicine leader, the listed products are bio-renewable materials, of which the soft tissue repair series products, oral repair membranes, biofilms, skin repair membranes, etc. have been widely used in dentistry, head and neck surgery, Neurosurgery and other fields. 5. Chutian Technology: Leading medical equipment (automatic lamp inspection machine, freeze dryer, medicine dispensing system, etc., in the field of medical water equipment). 6. Dabo Medical: The leading domestic orthopedic implant. 7. Kailitai: vertebroplasty minimally invasive Phenibut on sale interventional surgery system, orthopedic implants, orthopedic surgical instrument leader. 8. Sanyou Medical: Spinal implant consumables, trauma implant consumables leader. 04Medical Services 1. Aier Ophthalmology: The leading stock of domestic eye hospitals. 2. Tongce Medical: the leading domestic dental medical stock. 3. Weining Health: a leading domestic medical informatization enterprise (cloud platform). 05Vaccine Biology1. Changchun High-tech: Recombinant human growth hormone leader; Live attenuated varicella vaccine, human rabies vaccine, biopharmaceutical, real estate Development. 2. Watson Bio: Domestically, it is specialized in the research and development, production and sales of biological drugs such as vaccines (pneumonia) and blood products. 3. Kangtai Bio: The earliest domestically engaged in recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). 4. Zhifei Bio: R&D, production and sales of vaccines and biological products. (The largest domestic agent of cervical cancer vaccines) 5. Wuwu Bio: The only leading sublingual desensitization company in China, with a market share of over 80% (for the treatment of allergic rhinitis). 6. Tiantan Biology: The largest domestic manufacturer of vaccines and blood products, and the largest producer of national planned immunization products. 7. Hualan Biology: The domestic leader in blood products, and its plasma processing capacity ranks first in Asia. 06Medical diagnosis1. Antu Bio: the leader in in vitro diagnostics (the company focuses on the R&D, production, sales and service of in vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments , The products cover the fields of immunodiagnosis, microbial detection, biochemical diagnosis, etc., which can provide comprehensive solutions for medical laboratories). 2. BGI Gene: the leader in gene sequencing. 3. Dean Diagnosis: An independent third-party medical diagnosis service platform, which mainly provides overall medical diagnosis service solutions with medical diagnosis service outsourcing as the core business to medical and health institutions at all levels. 4. Runda Medical: leading saccharification reagents and biochemical reagents. 5. Kaipu Bio: a leading provider of nucleic acid molecular diagnostic products in China, focusing on molecular diagnostic reagents and molecular diagnostic equipment. 07Pharmaceutical Distribution1. Yifeng Pharmacy: A leading large-scale pharmaceutical retail chain enterprise in the domestic region, has established the industry’s most automated and informatized level A large-scale modern pharmaceutical logistics center. (Small size, fastest growth in revenue and net profit)2. People: one of the leading pharmaceutical retail chain companies in Chin China Phenibut a, and the pioneer of the various “affordable supermarket pharmacies” models of domestic retail pharmacies. 3. Dashenlin: A leading large-scale pharmaceutical retail company in the country, focusing on direct chain retail business of Chinese and Western patent medicines, health products, medical enterprises and other commodities. 4. Yixintang: a large-scale retail chain enterprise focusing on pharmaceutical business; its main business is pharmaceutical retail chain and pharmaceutical wholesale business. 08Other leading 1. Pien Tze Huang: The leading Chinese patent medicine in China, with top-secret formula and top-secret technology at the national level. 2. Yunnan Baiyao: a leading company in branded traditional Chinese medicine, with a national top-secret formula. 3. Tongrentang: the leading Chinese patent medicine, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular series represented by Angong Niuhuang Pills, Tongren Niuhuang Qingxin Pills, and Tongren Dahuoluo Pills; represented by Wuji Baifeng Pills and Kunbao Pills Gynecology series, the liquor series represented by Guogongjiu and Guspur Xiaotong Liquid. 4. Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical: one of the leading Chinese patent medicines, an established OTC company, Jiangzhong brand Jianweixiaoshi tablets. 5. Yangpu Medical: domestic vacuum blood collection leader; 6. Jiu’an Medical: domestic electronic blood pressure monitor leader; 7. Kangdelai: syringe Leading; 8. Jianfan Biology: domestic hemoperfusion leading; 9. Baiyunshan: Mainly focusing on “Great Southern Medicine”, “Great Health”, “Big Business” and ” A comprehensive pharmaceutical company in the four business sectors of “Big Medical”; 10. Sharpais: the leading eye drops; 11. Yibai Pharmaceutical: the leading domestic anti-tumor medicine ; (The only platinum drug with independent intellectual property rights! It has the advantages of broad anti-tumor spectrum, good anti-tumor activity, good stability, high solubility and low toxicity) 12. : The company is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients in China, and the largest manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical excipients for solid preparations in China; 13. China Medicine: It has a leading domestic chemical raw material drug research and development and production platform, and is domestically advanced The R&D and production platform of characteristic chemical drugs and modern Chinese medicines in the field of anti-infective and antiviral drugs and the cultivation and processing of licorice and other medicinal materials and products; 14. Kelun Pharmaceutical: China One of the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies with the most complete varieties and the most complete packaging in the infusion industry; 15. Ea Phenibut on sale st China Medicine: a large-scale pharmaceutical research and development, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical distribution, retail, and pharmaceutical logistics. A comprehensive pharmaceutical listed company, undertaking the task of special drug storage by the national, provincial and municipal governments; 16. Lukang Medicine: the leading veterinary antibiotic; 17. Zhejiang Medicine: domestic The largest (the world’s second) vitamin E producer; 18. Xinhecheng: the domestic vitamin leader, with the largest VA and VE production capacity in the country; 19. Brother Technology: the world’s largest Supplier of vitamin K3;20. Jindawei: The world’s largest manufacturer of coenzyme Q10, accounting for 50% of the global market. In the vitamin field, its position is also very prominent: it is one of only six VA manufacturers in the world, and the production and sales volume of VD3 ranks fifth in the world; 21. Guangji Pharmaceutical: The world leader in vitamin B2; 2.2. Yifan Pharmaceutical: the leading domestic vitamin B5, the world’s largest producer of D-calcium pantothenate; 23. China Resources Sanjiu: the leading domestic OTC pharmaceutical stock, a central enterprise A subsidiary of China Resources, the sales volume of 999 Ganmaoling series ranked first in the cold medicine market for five consecutive years; Sanjiuweitai and 999 Piyanping also ranked in the forefront of OTC gastric medicine and skin medicine respectively; 24. Rheinland Bio: global leader in plant extract industry and global leader in natural sweeteners; 25. Yongan Pharmaceutical: the world’s largest taurine production base;26. Huangshan Capsule: Capsule leading enterprise; 27. Qianjin Pharmaceutical: Leading gynecological medicine: 28. Manova: It is one of the companies that export the largest variety of European characteristic APIs in China; 29. Buchang Pharmaceutical: one of the leading Chinese patent medicines, has obvious advantages in the domestic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular market; 30. Stellite: has covered major iodine contrast agents at home and abroad It is one of the domestic companies with the most abundant product reserves; 31. Enhua Pharmaceutical: the leading central nervous system medication in China; 32. Renfu Pharmaceutical: the leading anesthetic, Condom leader-Jieshibang’s sales volume first in China; 33. Zhongxin Pharmaceutical: one of the leading cardiovascular and gastrointestinal medicines, Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, Huoxiang Zhengqi Capsules; 34. Jiuzhitang: one of the leading traditional Chinese medicines in China, a century-old brand, main products: donkey glue blood tonic granules, Liuwei Dihuang pills; 35. Haisco: one of the leading chemical pharmaceuticals, parenteral nutrition The market share is the first in the market, and it is a top-ranking manufacturer of liver disease drugs in the country. It occupies an important position in the two market segments of liver disease and digestion and anti-infection;

Ten chemical reactions that changed the world

10. Ammonia synthesis

Nitrogen is one of the most important elements in life, perhaps second only to carbon. It is a key component of DNA, RNA, protein, and chitin (a biopolymer similar to cellulose found in fungi, insects, lobster, shrimp, and certain fish). Nitrogen is also one of the most abundant elements on earth, accounting for about 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. However, nitrogen in the atmosphere exists in the form of N2, which is highly inactive and useless for most life forms. Therefore, nitrogen must be fixed by converting it into a more reactive form (such as ammonia, nitrate and nitrite). In nature, this is usually done by specialized bacteria. These bacteria form a symbiotic relationship with many plants living in root nodules (which means that both organisms benefit). However, not all plants form this relationship. Especially in the case of commercial farming, crops such as corn do not fix nitrogen, but absorb nitrogen from the soil. If crops that cannot fix nitrogen are grown for several seasons, it is necessary to add fertilizer. However, few natural substances have enough nitrogen as fertilizer. Therefore, in order to meet the increasing demand for food, it is necessary to find a better method of producing nitrogen fertilizer. The Haber-Bosch process is the first step. The process was developed by Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch in 1918 and used high temperature and high pressure and iron catalysts to produce large amounts of ammonia from gaseous hydrogen and nitrogen. As the production price of ammonia is relatively cheap, it has become a viable substitute for natural fertilizers. Today, in terms of tonnage, ammonia is the second most produced chemical after sulfuric acid.

9. Polyethylene polymerization

Plastics have completely changed the world. Because they are easy to mold, heat and chemical resistant, and cheap to manufacture, plastics have become a commonly used material in daily life, especially polyethylene. It comes in many forms, such as high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene, and can be used in plastic bags, baby bottles and even bulletproof vests. In 1933, two scientists working at the Imperial Chemical Industry Research Laboratory accidentally discovered polyethylene while trying to react ethylene with benzaldehyde. In contrast, waxy materials have been discovered, which are polymers of ethylene. A polymer is a substance composed of many repeating units. Other polymers include cellulose and DNA. By 1937, this material had been developed into a thin film and was used by the British as an insulating material for wires and radar components in World War II. Since it makes electrical components light enough to be placed on an airplane, its structure and manufacturing are highly protected secrets. Today, polyethylene is the most produced plastic in the world, producing 81.8 million tons in 2015, and it is estimated that nearly 100 million tons will be produced in 2018.

8. Hydrogen combustion

In the late 1700s, chemistry was an underdeveloped science. Most of the chemistry originates from the elements of air, water, earth and fire in Greece, and some ingredients are added as needed to explain the observation results. One of the most significant additives is inflammatory factors. The concept was developed by Georg Stahl and pointed out that all flammable substances contain a fire element called fire element. When burned, this phlogiston will be lost to the air. Th Phenibut on sale is seems to explain why the burnt charcoal is lighter than the original charcoal. However, this theory cannot explain why certain substances (such as phosphorus and sulfur) increase mass during combustion. Enter the French scientist Antoine Lavoisier, who is very skeptical of the flare theory. In perhaps his most famous experiment, he burned so-called flammable air (hydrogen) with ordinary air. The product is water. Lavoisier believes that water must be a mixture of a substance in the air (he called it oxygen) and flammable air. He further supports his hypothesis by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. In 1789, Lavoisier’s new chemical system was completely published in his textbook “Traite elementaire de Chimie” (“Chemical Elements”), which abandoned the Greek system and laid the foundation for modern chemistry.

7. Reduction and oxidation of zinc and silver

In 1745, Alessandro Volta (Alessandro Volta) was born in Como, Italy. Little is known. As we all know, it can conduct electricity, and there are two forms (later called positive and negative). Shortly after Walta was born, Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning is actually electricity. Although Volta did not have a college degree, he was widely known as a scientist in his time. In 1775, he developed a permanent electrophoresis apparatus, which improved the previous electrophoresis apparatus. However, another invention is his most important. In 1780, the scientist Luigi Galvani declared that the muscles of animals produce electricity when they contract. He called this “animal use of electricity” and thought it was different from conventional electricity. Volta disagreed with this, and pointed out that Galvani’s frog legs had been connected to two different metals during the experiment. Volta went on to prove that by stacking alternating silver and zinc metal discs on top of each other and using a cloth soaked in salt water between each disc, he could generate a steady current without animals. However, people immediately realized that Volta’s invention was much more useful than resolving the dispute with Galvani. All electricity in the past could only be generated suddenly. By generating a stable current, Volta’s invention can be more rigorously studied, thereby laying the foundation for Faraday’s revolutionary work in electromagnetics.

Synthesis of 6 Urea

Lifeism is a theory that believes that living systems are governed by completely different principles from non-living systems. In addition, it is believed that the components that make up a living system cannot be composed of non-living components. This belief was widely used in the 19th century and was used to explain why many biological systems seem puzzling compared to non-biological systems. However, German scientist Friedrich Wohler changed this. Wohler was famous for the separation of pure aluminum in 1825, and he was trying to synthesize ammonium cyanate in 1828. However, when he reacted silver cyanide with ammonium chloride in an attempt to produce ammonium cyanate, he instead produced white crystals. He later determined that the substance was urea. Urea was separated in 1773 by the French chemist Hilaire-Marin Rouelle. This means that Waller has just synthesized an organic compound, which refutes one of the basic principles of lifeism. Waller’s work will continue to lay the foundation for the field of organic ch China Phenibut emistry.


So far, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the most complex reaction on this list, but it may be the most useful and exciting reaction. PCR was invented by Kary Mullis in 1983, and his work eventually won the Nobel Prize. This process works by heating the DNA to separate it into two single strands. (DNA is double-stranded.) Then primers can be attached to each DNA strand. An enzyme called DNA polymerase attaches to the primer site and replicates the rest of the DNA chain. This process can be repeated many times, and in theory each iteration will double the exact DNA copy number. The ability to replicate DNA has opened the door to many areas. Even if only a small amount of genetic material is left at the crime scene, forensics can use genetic technology. In medicine, it helps to determine the cause of infection. In research, it is an essential technology used in human genome sequencing. In addition, it has now become a universal technology in biology and biochemistry laboratories worldwide.

4. Fat moisturizing

Do you have a can of Crisco in your storage room? Would you be surprised if I told you that Crisco is the result of the world’s most revolutionary food technology advancement? It all starts with the difference between animal fat and vegetable fat. Fat in animals tends to be saturated, which means that all the carbon in the fat is combined with the maximum number of atoms. Fats in plants are often unsaturated, which means that some of the carbon in these fats is not combined with the maximum number of atoms. In 1902, Wilhelm Normann (Wilhelm Normann) developed a process that can add hydrogen to unsaturated fat, thereby converting it into saturated fat or at least a higher degree of saturated fat. In 1909, Procter & Gamble obtained a Norman patent. Two years later, they released Crisco, a shortening made mainly from hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which is cheaper than standard lard. But this is only the beginning. By 1979, approximately 60% of all fats consumed in the United States had been hydrogenated. But hydrogenation has a dark side. Almost all natural unsaturated fatty acids exist in the cis configuration, which causes the fat molecules to have bends or kinks in them, and they cannot fuse with each other. This is why most unsaturated fats are liquid. However, during the hydrogenation process, some unsaturated fatty acids assume a trans configuration. Since the 1990s, studies have shown that large intakes of trans fats can have an adverse effect on health. Soon thereafter, the FDA began to monitor the content of trans fats in food, and some areas even banned the use of these substances. This leads to a final reduction in hydrogenated fats.

3. Destruction of ozone

At least since the 1870s, mechanical refrigeration technology has been widely used. However, there was a huge problem that limited the technology at the time. Most refrigerants (substances used to transfer heat from the inside of the refrigerator to the outside) are highly toxic or flammable. Unfortunately, due to refrigerant leakage, deaths are relatively common. In order to solve this problem, Frigidaire, Dupont and General Motors worked together to find a safer refrigerant. The result is Freon, a mixture of chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). Freon is so safe that its inventor directly inhaled it and then inhaled it into the candle in Phenibut powder wholesale front of the American Chemical Society. However, CFCs had an unknown problem at the time. With so many refrigerators using CFCs, the chemicals quickly reached important levels in the atmosphere. When exposed to ultraviolet rays in the upper atmosphere, CFCs often release chlorine atoms. Chlorine has high reactivity and can catalyze the decomposition of ozone (O3) into molecular oxygen (O2). As a catalyst only accelerates the reaction rate and is not consumed during the reaction, one molecule of a CFC may cause the destruction of thousands or even millions of ozone molecules, leading to large-scale depletion of the ozone layer. Now, CFC has been strictly regulated by the Montreal Protocol and is no longer used as a refrigerant. They have been replaced by a similar class of compounds called hydrofluorocarbons (HFC). Although HFCs also have disadvantages (they are very strong greenhouse gases), there is no newly developed non-toxic and non-flammable refrigerant.

2. Carbon dioxide water

Carbon dioxide may be known for its role as a greenhouse gas. As the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises, so does the global average temperature. However, there is a second disadvantage of carbon dioxide, which occurs every day when drinking soda. Carbon dioxide reacts reversibly with water to form carbonic acid. Then, some carbonic acid decomposes into bicarbonate ions, and then into bicarbonate ions, while releasing H + (release of H + is the defining characteristic of the acid called Bronsted-Loric acid). This acid is part of the keen sense of fresh soda. However, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can react in the same way as water in the ocean. In fact, the ocean absorbs about a quarter of the carbon dioxide released each year. As a result, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the pH of surface seawater has dropped by about 0.1 pH units, which has increased the acidity by nearly 30%. Although the increase in acidity benefits certain organisms such as algae and seaweed, it is harmful to many organisms such as oysters, clams, shellfish and corals. A United Nations report estimates that by 2100, the cost of ocean acidification may be as high as $1 trillion.

1. Saponification

As we all know, oil and water do not mix. The reason is related to the concept called polarity. In short, water molecules are polar, oil molecules are not. Since water molecules are polar, being adjacent to each other is more advantageous than being adjacent to non-polar oil molecules. However, as any chef knows, this can cause problems when cleaning dishes. The grease will not mix with water and stay on the plate. The answer is soap. Soap molecules have polar and non-polar parts. The polar part is mixed with water and the non-polar part is mixed with oil, which makes the oil form small droplets in the water that are easier to remove. The reaction used to produce soap is the saponification reaction. Originally, soap was made by heating salt, ashes and animal fat together in water. The first known soap was made using this method in Babylon in 2800 BC. Today, soap is made by reacting sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide with fatty acids (derived from fat molecules). However, for purposes other than personal hygiene, soap has been replaced by detergent. These cleaners are similar to soaps, but are usually derived from petrochemical products and have several advantages over soaps. They tend to last longer without breaking down. They also tend to be more soluble in cold or hard water (water with a relatively high calcium content), which means that we are unlikely to see this nasty soap scum.

Which brand of facial mask is better?

There are so many face masks on the market, why are they so popular? Let’s talk about the ingredients first. The seven core ingredients and five international patented ingredients of the painting mask. 01Trehalose extract The top rare skin nourishing ingredient of moisturizer, softener, skin conditioner, can promote cell regeneration, repair damaged skin and hormone More effective. Trehalose raw materials imported from Japan and Estee Lauder’s eye cream, Sulwhasoo’s repairing mask, Clinique and other big brands are the same ingredients. Trehalose-is a natural sugar, a small molecule moisturizer, has a good affinity with membrane proteins, can be used as a skin penetrant to increase the skin’s absorption of nutrients It increases the hydration function of cells, has good moisture retention, and has special effects in the treatment of increased dandruff, hotness, and hardening of keratin due to dry skin. In addition, it has a stable effect on antioxidant polyphenols, and It can lower the freezing point and extend the shelf life. 02 Bird’s Nest Extract Glucan Moisturizer, antioxidant, skin conditioner, the active substance that really changes the skin condition from within, can play a role in preventing skin aging . Studies have found that bird’s nest contains a very important peptide substance-Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). This substance exists in most body fluids of the human body, and the content is particularly high in breast milk and semen. Epidermal growth factor, also known as EGF, is a small peptide composed of 53 amino ac Phenibut powder wholesale id residues. It is a multifunctional growth factor. It has a strong mitogenic effect on a variety of tissue cells in vivo and in vitro. In terms of beauty, The performance of EGF has five main functions: efficient repairing, eliminating wrinkles, anti-aging, diminishing stains, and moisturizing and hydrating. In addition, the saliva nutrients in the bird’s nest extract are 200 times that of royal jelly, which can strengthen the skin barrier and keep the skin moisturized. The nicotinamide in the bird’s nest extract is used for acne, lightening and whitening. The light spot raw material is aimed at dull and dull skin. It has a strong cleansing and brightening effect. Its component adenosine is an anti-wrinkle raw material. It has excellent elasticity for skin relaxation, diminishes fine lines, and maintains The skin effect of the child’s face. Therefore, bird’s nest containing a lot of epidermal growth factor is a good product for beauty and skin care. 03 Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) Humectant, skin conditioner. It has a special water retention effect and increases the softness and smoothness of the skin. Sodium hyaluronate-also known as hyaluronic acid, is an acidic mucopolysaccharide. It is an important basic substance for skin suppleness. It has a special water retention effect. The weight is up to 100 times its own weight. It is the best moisturizing substance found in nature. Known as the ideal natural moisturizing factor. Phenibut powder wholesale Hyaluronic acid can improve the nutrient metabolism of the skin. It is soft, smooth, wrinkle-free, increases elasticity and prevents aging. It is a good transdermal absorption promoter while moisturizing. Used in conjunction with other nutrients, can play a more ideal effect of promoting nutrient absorption. 04 Rhodophyta Moisturizing agent, anti-inflammatory agent It has a calming and stable effect and helps repair damaged skin tissues. Rhodophyta is a family of algae plants. Most of this family is multicellular, and a few are single-celled. Rhodophyta-algae extracts, rich in moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing and moisturizing Good ingredients. 05 carrot extract Antioxidant, skin conditioner Eliminate single-line oxygen, prevent aging and wrinkle, inhibit melanin, and whiten and moisturize. The main role of carrot root extract in cosmetics and skin care products is antioxidants, skin conditioners, and a risk factor of one. It is relatively safe and can be used with confidence. Generally, it has no effect on pregnant women. The extract is not acne-causing. It has strong antioxidant properties. It can eliminate singlet oxygen. It can be used as an auxiliary antioxidant in cosmetics. It can also promote the proliferation of fibroblasts, inhibit collagenase activity, and resist aging. Anti-wrinkle, inhibit the activity of melanocytes, can be used for whitening, and has a good moisturizing effect. 06 tocopherol, namely vitamin E ant Phenibut Manufacturers ioxidant, moisturizer, delay cell oxidative senescence, moisturize the skin, lighten and eliminate stains. Tocopherol, namely vitamin E, is actually a general term for two chemical substances: tocopherol and tocotrienol. The biological effects of these two chemical substances in the body are roughly the same, but their activities are different. Like vitamin E, tocotrienol is also a strong antioxidant that can fight lipid allergic reactions. 07 Silybum marianum extract Antioxidant, astringent to keep the skin young, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. Silybum marianum-can capture free radicals, has strong antioxidant properties, 10 times that of vitamin E, combined with good inhibition of elastase, and astringent effect on skin pores, can Used in anti-aging cosmetics for removing wrinkles. As above, the milk thistle fruit extract captures and neutralizes free radicals, inhibits the production of propylene glycol, thereby inhibiting the saccharification reaction. In general, its main function is to fight wrinkles and keep the collagen structure in the skin unchanged, thereby preventing the generation of wrinkles, improving the smoothness and firmness of the skin, and reducing the depth of wrinkles. There is also a relationship with the saccharification of the skin, preventing the saccharification of the skin, so as to remove yellow and brighten the skin. If you are really an ingredient control, you will already be surprised! More than that! In addition to these seven core ingredients, there are also five patented ingredients, waiting for the next article to tell you in detail. You must know that this is the first facial mask on the market that has five patents and is cost-effective. The five patented ingredients of the painting mask

Solemnly inform: acne “emerges in endlessly” after fitness! Are all “protein powders” to blame?

Bodybuilders and even many ordinary fitness players know that large muscles are made of whey protein. But there is a problem here. For many fitness friends, whey protein can also cause another trouble-acne. In order to make yourself look more beautiful, you put a lot of time and energy into the gym to get a better figure, but the face is covered with acne. ??Fortunately, for those who are prone to acne, this is not impossible. In this article, we will discuss why whey protein causes “acne” problems and what you can do to alleviate this problem.

How does whey protein cause “acne” problems

?Let’s take a look at how whey protein causes acne such as acne. questionable. It is a hormone called insulin-like growth factor number one. Insulin-like growth factor No. 1 is a growth hormone that is believed to accelerate muscle growth. Unfortunately, it also accelerates acne, which is a “acne” crisis. Studies have found that there is a correlation between insulin-like growth factor No. 1 and sebum levels, so the higher the level of insulin-like growth factor No. 1, the more sebum produced by the skin. Insulin-like growth factor No. 1 reduces transcription factors in skin cells. Acne-prone skin already lacks transcription factors, which are related to all the major factors behind acne (acne problem) (androgen sensitivity, sebum secretion, excessive skin cell growth, hyperkeratin). So this will bring some misleading. In short, insulin-like growth factor No. 1 can cause acne with excessive hormone secretion.

Now we have come to this conclusion

?The elimination of whey protein-based milk insulin-promoting mechanism will be a future aspect of nutrition research. “Acne” is an important challenge. Some internationally renowned food companies have also studied the acne-promoting effects of milk and other insulin-containing dairy products. Various experiments have also fully proved that whey aggravates the “acne” problem. With these studies, it cannot directly solve the problem of using whey protein powder.

Study on the effect of whey protein on the level of insulin-like growth factor No. 1

It can be understood that the research of protein powder focuses more on the effect on muscle growth and strength in fitness . Unfortunately, there are only a handful of related studies on “acne”. A study involved 19 untrained men in a 10-week resistance training program. One group was supplemented with 20 grams of protein (14 grams of whey and casein, 6 grams of free amino acids). The other group contained 20 grams of glucose. After 10 weeks, the proteome showed higher levels of insulin-like growth factor one. This is also confirmed by another study, which found th China Phenibut at supplementing protein and carbohydrates (42g protein, 24g carbohydrate and 2g fat) at the same time will increase compared with only 70g carbohydrate supplement Insulin-like No. 1 growth factor level. This supplement is taken twice a day. This study lasted 6 months and showed that this difference has increased over time. The level of insulin-like growth factor 1 increased by about 20% at 6 months, while the carbohydrate group declined slightly. The study did not specify which protein was used. Finally, let’s look at an experienced bodybuilder for a short-term study. This study only observed a 2-hour strength training session, and did not find any supplements (protein powder, carbohydrate or mixed type) have any effect on the level of insulin-like growth factor 1. Considering that they are experienced bodybuilders, they may have “maximized” their insulin-like growth factor No. 1, so the supplement has no effect. ?The above studies compared protein supplements with other supplements. Generally speaking, protein powder can increase the level of insulin-like growth factor one more than carbohydrate supplements. This is good for muscle growth, but the problem of acne is difficult. Those who consumed 30 grams of whey protein a day had 8% higher insulin-like growth factor levels than those who consumed other supplements with the same calories.

Protein powder and a lot of supplements

?A lot of research has focused on protein powder and a lot of supplements. Usually they are a combination of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, and sometimes free amino acids are added. So many supplements alone are enough calories to increase the level of insulin and insulin-like growth factor one. This is why if we want to explain. But if you want to know whether protein powder and heavy use can cause acne growth, they are related. Taking supplements after exercise can increase insulin-like growth factor 1 and insulin levels more than exercise alone. In the long term, these supplements will also increase the baseline level of insulin-like growth factor No. 1. Both of these effects can cause acne problems, but are good for muscle growth.

What about soy protein

?There are several studies comparing the effects of whey, casein and soy protein on muscle growth and strength, but none One study mentioned the level of insulin-like growth factor No. 1. Whey protein may stimulate muscle growth better, but from a big point of view, the difference is small. Soy protein has been studied in the non-fitness population, and studies have shown that it can increase the level of insulin-like growth factor China Phenibut 1 in young and old men and postmenopausal women. Therefore, in light of what we have discussed so far, we believe that the effect of soy protein on the level of insulin-like growth factor No. 1 (and acne) is similar to other types of protein powder. However, for patients with acne (acne problems), protein powders without dairy or soy may be the safest option. In addition, due to the content of phytoestrogens, women suffering from acne (acne) should not eat any soy. Not a problem for everyoneWe can say that whey protein increases the risk of acne, but obviously it will not make everyone develop acne. The level of insulin-like growth factor No. 1 is just one cause of acne. For some people, acne (acne problem) is more likely to cause inflammation and is more closely related to intestinal problems and food sensitivity. For these people, whey protein is not the main cause of acne. ?The following is a (incomplete) list, which can be regarded as a high-risk group using whey protein and other protein powders:

oily skin.

This means that your insulin and insulin-like growth factor No. 1 levels have increased, or your skin is very sensitive to these hormones. Elevated blood glucose levels after meals and fasting can cause insulin resistance.

Eating sugar and simple carbohydrates can also increase your acne.

Remember, you are not powerless in this fight against “acne”.

How can people with “acne” eat more protein?

?There are various vegetarian protein powders, pea protein and Brown rice protein, not to mention difficult to buy, and may not taste very good. We believe that getting protein from meat is more comprehensive and effective, and stimulates your muscles to produce hormones in a natural way without causing acne problems. Eating red meat can enhance testosterone and help build muscle. It contains heme iron, which can improve oxygen delivery in your body, potentially increasing your maximum strength output (and strength). Red meat also contains natural creatine. Yes, red meat even contains branched-chain amino acids!Non-red meat, such as chicken, pork and fish, also passes high-quality complete protein, BCAA and high mineral Material content to support muscle growth. It is sustainable and nutritious (for example, long-term health, unlike a raw diet)This is why I recommend meat as the main source of protein. It is better for your skin than whey protein, as long as you eat enough, it will support muscle growth.

Eat this meat whenever possible (the following sequence is just to avoid acne problems)

Eat as much herbivore meat as possible.

Grass- China Phenibut eating meat contains anti-cancer substances and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Which type of meat is best for muscle building?

Red meat, herbivores.

?There is no doubt about it. It has the most creatine, the most heme, the most nitric oxide, and it can increase your testosterone levels the most. This is also good for women, because women also need testosterone to build muscle, it will not make you look like a Hulk! It will only make you thinner, stronger, and sexier. This means beef, bison, deer, etc. that feed on grass, as well as all other herbivores (or wild animals) that produce red meat.

Followed by wild-caught fish.

?The higher the fat content, the better, because omega-3 fatty acids help shorten your recovery time after exercise.

Grass-fed pork again.

?I mean real 100% grass-fed pork (feeding corn and grain!)

Finally, chicken and turkey.

?I am not saying that eating chicken or turkey is not good, because they are still healthier than grains, beans, soy, tofu, milk, whey and all other proteins. Many (only about acne problems). But they contain the most -6 fatty acids and not enough -3 fatty acids to balance them.

What about my protein intake after exercise?

?Don’t worry. You don’t have to have a cup of protein powder to gain muscle. Just make sure you eat a protein-rich meal within 1-2 hours after your workout. A pound of grass-fed beef is a good choice. If you really want to build muscle, you can eat some carbs while eating beef, pork, chicken or other meats. Although the growth may be a bit slow and your recovery time is a bit longer, the most important thing to remember is how that cup of whey protein will affect you from acne. So if you want to have clean skin (especially if you have a gene for acne), you must choose between skin and protein powder.


?Researches consistently show that protein powder is effective for muscle growth. But this growth comes at a price. Protein powder (especially whey) increases insulin-like growth factor No. 1 and insulin levels, both of which are related to hormonal acne (acne). Protein-rich supplements have a higher risk than pure carbohydrate supplements. Although there is no formal study on the effect of whey protein on acne, they are likely to cause acne effects on some people. For example: oily skin, insulin resistance, and acne patients aggravated by sugar and simple carbohydrates. Unfortunately, these acne problems are determined by genes, so there is no easy way to solve this problem. But these problems can be improved through the source of protein intake, such as the choice of meat. What do you think about your acne problem? Do you think protein powder is worth increasing the risk of acne? Please leave a message in the comment section. Thank you for reading, please pay attention to this channel.

Homemade dog rice, please pay attention to these issues

Compared with choosing dog food, you need to pay attention to cooking for your own dog. If you eat a certain kind of food, your dog will experience itching, diarrhea, and rash, which are usually allergic reactions. For dogs that are prone to allergies, it is also necessary to choose ingredients when making homemade Be extra careful, we can use the elimination method one by one;You can only feed one type of meat for the first time, for example, chicken breast. If the dog eats everything is normal without allergies , The excretion is also normal, so next time you can add a grain, such as rice, everything is normal, next time you can add another vegetable, such as cabbage, and then add fruit next time;You can at the beginning Choose a simple recipe with relatively few ingredients and e Phenibut powder wholesale at it for about a week. After everything is normal, you can change the ingredients one by one. For example, you can first change the chicken breast into beef, and leave the rest unchanged, and then change the rice. Turn into sweet potatoes (both provide carbohydrates), and then change to another recipe until it becomes another recipe;This is a good record, so the dog can easily be allergic to what kind of food or not adapt to the stomach I found out, but it should be noted that cooked and raw meat should be regarded as two kinds of ingredients, because some dogs are not allergic to cooked chicken, but are allergic to raw meat. High temperature will destroy the nutrients in the food. In o Phenibut Suppliers rder to avoid the destruction of nutrients to the greatest extent, you can boil the water first, and then slightly cook the chopped meat and vegetables, because It has been chopped up, just a few seconds. Dogs have very little amylase content in their bodies, so carbohydrate foods are not as digestible as meat, so like rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes (also called potatoes), please cook them as much as possible It becomes a paste so it’s easy to digest. Don’t throw away the water that has cooked ingredients. After all, there are still some lost nutrients (water-soluble vitamins, etc.) in it. You might as well mix it in rice or use it as water for dogs drink. The calcium content of poultry, livestock an China Phenibut d fish is relatively low, so if you make your own meat-based food, remember to add calcium. You can add eggshell powder, dairy products, or calcium tablets. Dogs rely on their sense of smell to judge whether food is good or not, so to let the dog like to eat, first of all, the rice must smell the taste that it likes, so we can make some natural “induction” “Food agent” to attract dogs, such as mixing broth and a small amount of animal organs into a mud, mix it in the dog’s rice, the dog smells: Ouch, I go, it’s fragrant. Naturally gobbled up. There is also a small trick, a certain temperature can make the rice more fragrant, so if the weather is cool, the rice can be heated slightly to make the dog feel better. The weather is hot, and many owners say that dogs have a bad appetite. If you have time to have a recipe, how about making it yourself to improve your appetite? ! I’m Awei, public account: hchongb, talk about knowledge, talk about products, and ask questions

Chemical technology of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations

Chemical technology of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations

One of the important premises for the production of traditional Chinese medicine preparations is the raw material medicine, which plays an important role in the processing and manufacturing of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry in all links of the traditional Chinese medicine preparation industry chain. But most of them are outsourced production. The so-called Chinese medicine preparation technology outsourcing process service refers to the Chinese medicine preparation company entrusting other medical institutions to carry out the raw material outsourcing process research and development and production. The production process includes chemical synthesis, fermentation, plant (animal) extraction, etc. At present, TCM preparation outsourcing technology has become an important purchase and sales model in the global pharmaceutical intermediates and TCM raw materials market. Most of the TCM preparation raw materials and intermediates required by Japanese and Korean preparation manufacturers are purchased in my country. The drug outsourcing process of most of its traditional Chinese medicine products, the production process of traditional Chinese medicine raw materials is much more complicated, the process is long, the pipeline is many, the operation is complicated, and most of the traditional Chinese medicine raw materials are unstable, such as environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, light and other requirements The related raw materials are mostly flammable and explosive. Different from the preparation product process, most of the production process of traditional Chinese medicine raw materials is a cross-fusion process of chemistry and physics, such as product dissolution, decolorization, extraction and adsorption. Because the production of traditional Chinese medicine raw materials pays attention to the control of process parameters and environmental parameters, such as light, temperature, and pressure. According to the common classification of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, there are synthetic raw materials, animal and plant extract raw materials, and raw materials obtained from fermentation and cell culture. According to the microbiological level of the product and the target dosage form, the raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations are divided into sterile raw materials and Non-sterile Phenibut Manufacturers APIs. The conventional Chinese medicine preparation raw material medicine production process is as follows: 1. Chemical synthesis Chinese medicine preparation raw material medicine production process In the traditional Chinese medicine preparation chemical raw material production process, various raw materials can obtain products with certain medicinal effects through chemical reactions under certain conditions, and then undergo crystallization and drying. The process enables it to reach various indexes of medicines, and the development services of Chinese medicine preparations and chemical medicines include pre-prescription research, drug analysis, drug stability research, and preparation development. One-stop service including CMC service. The main method for the production of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine is chemical synthesis of drugs, and its chemical structure is generally the target product obtained by a certain step of chemical reaction between the starting material and other compounds, such as condensation, substitution, acylation, redox; and then another step Or a few steps of refining, such as decolorization, recrystallization, etc., the final raw material drug product of Chinese medicine preparation. The production of intermediates and crude products is mostly carried out in areas without cleanliness, while the finishing process of final products is carried out in clean areas. The design effect of the chemical synthesis raw material medicine workshop of Chinese medicine preparations is very important to the production of Chinese medicine preparation raw material medicine manufacturers. Workshop layout is an important part of process design. Only reasonable process layout can achieve the advancement of traditional Chinese medicine preparation process and equipment, and create a good environment for workshop production, operation, equipment installation and maintenance, and safety, health, and environmental protection. 2. Fermentation of the production process of the raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations Fermentation of the production process of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, especially the raw materials of antibiotic preparations, such as penicillins and cephalosporins, are usually obtained through semi-synthesis and fermentation combined with chemical synthesis. First, the main structure of the t Phenibut on sale arget compound is obtained through biological fermentation, such as the specific 3-lactam structure of penicillin, and then the structure is modified to obtain the final target compound; finally, the final API product is obtained through purification and recrystallization. The fermentation process generally needs to go through the process of culture medium preparation, tank treatment, inoculation, fermentation, wall breaking, filtration, precipitation, centrifugation, drying and other processes. 3. The production process of the raw materials of sterile traditional Chinese medicine preparations is the same as that of the sterile preparations of traditional Chinese medicines. The sterile raw materials of traditional Chinese medicines are also divided into terminally sterilized and non-terminally sterilized sterile raw materials. It is sensitive to high temperature and high heat, high humidity and high pressure, radiation, etc., and there are few sterile APIs for terminal sterilization. At present, non-terminally sterilized sterile APIs usually combine the final step of product refining or salt formation with the sterilization process, using pre-filtration plus two-stage 0.22 um sterilization filtration to achieve sterility of the final product. The traditional Chinese medicine preparation liquid after sterilization and filtration is usually crystallization, freeze-drying or spray drying to obtain the final sterile raw material drug product of the Chinese medicine preparation. In the traditional production of sterile raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, the dissolution and decolorization of crude products are carried out in a C-level clean area, and sterilization filtration, product formation, centrifugation/filtration, drying, and packaging are performed in a local A-level environment under a B-level background In progress. At present, aseptic raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations are increasingly used in closed production, especially the use of three-in-one, isolation, crushing, and packaging equipment integrated isolation, crushing and packaging system, which greatly reduces the exposure of traditional Chinese medicine products to microorganisms. Or the possibility of pyrogen contamination. Therefore, the production of sterile raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations in a closed type can also be carried out Phenibut powder wholesale under a C-level background, and laminar flow protection or isolation environments are only set up in places where there is a risk of local exposure. Compared with non-sterile APIs, the production of sterile APIs for TCM preparations not only needs to pay attention to the requirements of chemical quality indicators such as product impurities and physical and chemical properties, but also pay attention to the guarantee of product sterility from the beginning of the process design of TCM preparations. Therefore, the production of sterile APIs has higher requirements on the environment and equipment. 4. The production process of raw materials for animal and plant extracts of traditional Chinese medicines is a treasure house of natural compounds in nature. Animals or plants produce many products that cannot be synthesized but are currently not available for treatment. Diseases are compounds of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, so animal and plant extraction is an important way to obtain target compounds of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, and it is also one of the main methods for producing raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations. For example, artemisinin used to treat malaria and heparin extracted from animal organs used to treat cardiovascular diseases. In recent years, high-level intermediates for the production of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine preparations have been extracted from animal and plant tissues, and then through certain chemical synthesis and structural optimization, the target compounds of traditional Chinese medicine preparations have been finally obtained. This will not only greatly improve its efficacy, but also further Reduce its side effects. For example, the anti-cancer drug camptothecin has been further modified to obtain traditional Chinese medicine preparations such as irinotecan hydrochloride and topotecan with better selectivity and less toxic side effects. Many TCM preparation R&D companies provide TCM outsourcing process services, which guarantee the continuous and effective production of TCM preparations that meet the predetermined specifications and quality of the process that runs within the predetermined process parameters. In the process of R&D and production of raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine preparations, the production quality management standards for traditional Chinese medicine preparations are based on production, and quality can only be achieved by production. The quality of traditional Chinese medicine preparations is produced, not inspected, and production management should be carried out in accordance with GMP.

Whitening topic|What is the effect of “Glass Glycyrrhizin” known as whitening gold

Among so many cosmetic ingredients, the price of Glycyrrhiza glabra is quite expensive. 90% of Glycyrrhiza glabra has a unit price of 21W/kg. Imports are more expensive and the price is comparable to gold. Therefore, it is called “whitening gold”. “The current price has dropped to a certain extent. So, let’s take a look at such an expensive whitening ingredient, its whitening mechanism and whitening effect. 40% GlycyrrhizinThere are many types of licorice, 29 species 6 There are 8 main varieties of licorice in my country, among which are included in the “Pharmacopeia of the People’s Republic of China”: Phenibut Manufacturers Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.; Glycyrrhiza inflata Bat.; Glycyrrhiza glabra L .). Glabridin (Glabridin) is an important component in the flavonoids of licorice. Only the roots and stems of licorice (European licorice, Fabaceae) exist, and they are the most important different of licorice. Flavonoids.

Glycyrrhizin is widely regarded as a phytoestrogens, with a variety of biological properties, ranging from antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-atherosclerotic effects to energy metabolism regulati China Phenibut on, It also includes anti-tumor, anti-nephritis, antibacterial and so on. It also has important value in skin anti-oxidation and whitening and freckle removal. It can also prevent inflammation and rough skin caused by ultraviolet rays. Glycyrrhizin mainly inhibits the production of melanin in three directions: inhibit the production of reactive oxygen species; inhibit the activity of tyrosinase; inhibit inflammation. Glycyrrhizin has a very good inhibitory effect on the activity of tyrosinase. The figure below is a computer simu China Phenibut lation diagram. Glycyrrhizin can form a hydrogen bond with the active center of tyrosinase, which is strong The tightly stuck at the entrance of tyrosinase prevents the raw materials for melanin synthesis from entering, and the semi-finished products of melanin cannot come out, reducing the production of melanin. Compared with kojic acid and arbutin in zebrafish animal model experiments, the results are very intuitive.Human clinical experiments, the improved effect after 4 weeks and 8 weeks is very obvious. Therefore, glycyrrhizin is still an excellent whitening material, but in cosmetics, the name glycyrrhizin is seen in the product ingredient list, because in the standard list of raw materials, glycyrrhizin is The corresponding name is: Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract.