Several misunderstandings of wood wax oil

10 years ago, when wood wax oil first entered China, it was almost praised by the literary and artistic people in the industry: pure natural, no irritating taste, non-toxic, absolutely safe, food-grade coatings, allowing wood to be free Breathe. Any designer who has a little research on wood coatings will tell them responsibly: You are Too Simple, Too Naive.

Wood wax oil is not 100% natural

The main components of wood wax oil are indeed extracted from natural plants and animals. However, almost all wood wax oils sold on the market contain a certain proportion of chemical solvents to dissolve the wax components in wood wax oil. The specific ingredients and proportions are a mystery and should belong to the manufacturer’s trade secrets.

Natural paint is not absolutely safe

Nat China Phenibut ural paint is not necessarily safe. Tung oleic acid in tung oil has a certain degree of toxicity, which may be fatal; the smell is pungent before the tung oil is cured. Although walnut oil is edible, it is not suitable for people with nut allergies. The most commonly used ingredient in wood wax oil, linseed oil, is non-toxic. However, in order to speed up the curing speed of linseed oil sold in the market, heavy metal compounds, such as lead monoxide (sweat! Actually contains lead!). You think, the linseed oil and sunflower oil at home will not dry after a few months. Why can wood wax oil be completely dried after 1-2 days?

Can’t drink wood wax oil!

Remind all friends in the literary and art circles, you ca Phenibut Suppliers n’t drink wood wax oil! Wood wax oil generally contains organic solvents that dissolve wax, and these things are likely to be toxic (such as naphtha). Certain ingredients are also toxic. For example, Tung Oil (Tung Oil), Boiled Linseed Oil (Boiled Linseed Oil). Almost all of the linseed oil used for coating on the market is cooked linseed oil.

Wood wax oil will not let the wood breathe fresh air

The main purpose of wood painting is to put on a protective jacket for the wood to isolate the moisture in the air from entering and leaving the wood. Without this function, the water vapor in the air can come and go freely, which is a nightmare for all solid wood furniture! Your furniture will crack in winte Phenibut Suppliers r and mold in summer. Of course, the non-drying oil in the wood wax oil can play a role in wood curing (WoodTreatment), but it cannot be called WoodFinish. Wood coating must form a certain hardness and moisture-proof protective layer on the outer layer of the wood. This task is accomplished by wax in wood wax oil. Although drying oil can form a cured paint film on the surface of wood, the paint film formed by different drying oils varies greatly. Tung paint film is completely waterproof; the paint film of linseed oil is not waterproof at all.

Wood wax oil furniture needs regular maintenance

The oil in wood wax oil can penetrate into the wood and play a deep protective role for the wood. However, the waxy layer adhering to the surface easily falls off. Once the waxy layer falls off, the furniture will lose water resistance. The most afraid of solid wood furniture is water. Therefore, wood wax oil furniture needs to be painted or waxed regularly.