Shock! Camellia oil also has these effects!

Have you ever seen a shower gel made from Camellia oleifera plant extract? Do you know the benefits of bathing with this shower gel? Tea oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which can repair cells when applied to the body and is good for freckle removal. You can take a bath with tea oil, usually just a few drops of tea oil in the water. Several highlights of the tea oil tea plant extract shower gel: 1. It does not contain any chemical harmful ingredients, no mercury, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals, no fragrance, no pigment, It does not irritate the eyes and is the most natural bathing series extracted from planting. 2. Easy to rinse, it contains tea saponin unique to camellia oil fruit, which is very easy to clean, even if there a Phenibut Manufacturers re residues accidentally, it is harmless to the body. 3. The discharged water has no harm to the natural water body, will not pollute the environment, and it will help to clear the sewer. 4. It can protect our skin from the growth of bacteria. Many people know that tea oil has certain skin care effects. Some people have used tea oil as a skin care product a long time ago. After cleansing the face, apply two or three drops of camellia seed oil for a little massage, or apply toner at night, and then apply camellia seed oil mixed with pearl powder. That’s it (one spoonful of pearl powder with two drops of oil), no need to apply anything, no need to rinse, it can also Phenibut on sale be used to apply the neck to prevent the appearance of neck lines. Using tea oil in this way will increase the gloss of the skin, and the skin will become white, tender, smooth and elastic. Oil plant extract shower gel, the main component is tea dregs extract-tea saponin after squeezing oil from camellia oleifera fruit. During the production process, the unsaturated fatty acids originally contained in camellia oleifera are retained. Unsaturated fatty acids are called “beauty acid”. With sufficient supply of unsaturated fatty acids, human skin will be tender and moisturized, and hair will be dark and shiny; otherwise, it will become The skin is rough and the hair falls out. M Phenibut Suppliers oreover, camellia oil contains vitamin E and antioxidant ingredients, so it can protect the skin, especially to prevent skin damage and aging, and make the skin shiny. Tea oil plant extract can inhibit dermatitis, skin allergies, itching and other effects, mild and non-irritating, effectively clean the impurities on the skin surface, moisturize your skin, protect your skin health, and make your skin soft and elastic , Easy to rinse, can promote skin membrane regeneration, suitable for eczema and dry itchy skin. Tea oil has water inflammation, antibacterial, removes acne on the back and arms, eliminates acne marks, can relieve fever, make the skin dry and reduce sweating. It is suitable for the whole family to use every day, bringing a refreshing bathing experience to the whole family, and the moisturizing effect is remarkable. Does not contain tear-free formula, does not contain any fragrance and pigment stimulating sources.