Shun Ge said ketones (4) I love to eat tonics to increase internal power (what else to eat besides oil in ketogenic diet?)

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After reading the previous three articles, some friends may feel uncomfortable. Does a ketogenic diet need so much oil and fat? I can’t accept it.

Is fat really the most eaten food on a ketogenic diet? It’s not. If you rank according to the weight of the food you eat, fat won’t even be ranked second, so you can only get to the bottom of the list. What exactly does the ketogenic diet eat? Make up what? According to the total weight of food consumed each day, such as a total of 5 catties a day to eat, what to eat more, what to eat less, let’s rank:

First place: water

h2>The first supplement of the ketogenic diet is water. The extra hydration of the ketogenic diet is mainly to control uric acid. Everyone knows that if uric acid remains high, it will cause kidney stones, urinary tract stones, gout and other diseases. If you eat a ketogenic diet, fat will eventually metabolize ketone bodies, and the ketone bodies themselves are acidic and are keto acids. If the keto acid in the body is high, it will compete with uric acid, that is, the excretion of uric acid will become difficult due to the increase of keto acid. Therefore, there are some extreme cases of ketogenicity that have hyperuric acid symptoms. What is the solution? Just drink more water to dilute, so that uric acid can be discharged smoothly. During the ketogenic diet, you should drink more than 2000cc, or even 4000cc for the higher ones. I have a say on this question, because I started five or six years ago and I have gout from time to time. My uric acid value is often above 500 (the normal range of male uric acid index is below 420μmol/L, and female Below 360μmol/L). I used to drink about 2000cc a day. After ketosis, in order to control the gout and prevent recurrence, I increased the water intake to 3500cc. I have a uric acid tester (available on the Internet). As long as the amount of water is up to the standard, my uric acid can be controlled between 200-300μmol/L. Gout Byebye.

Second place: Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables, feel relieved. Everyone knows that eating vegetables is healthy. The ketogenic diet requires more vegetables than the average person, and the intake of weight is far more than the intake of fat. If the ketogenic diet is calculated based on the total weight of food consumed in a day, the amount of fat consumed is only over 100 grams, while the amount of Phenibut Manufacturers vegetables is much more. According to the advice of Dr. Eric Berg, a big American ketogenic coffee maker, you should eat more than 7 cups of vegetables a day, and a cup is about the size of a fist. The specific weight is difficult to calculate, depending on what kind of dishes are in the cup. Most foreigners eat raw vegetables. The 7 cups seem to be a lot and difficult to swallow, but if we Chinese people are used to fry them or boil them in soup, they will not be so much. I will eat as many vegetables as possible every day within my appetite, mostly cooked. Vegetables pay attention to eating green leafy vegetables, non-starchy vegetables. Plant roots, such as potatoes, have high carbon water and cannot be eaten. Generally, green leafy vegetables that grow on the ground can be eaten in large quantities. Most of the carbohydrates are actually dietary fiber, which is very good for health and has very low calories. Dietary fiber is carbohydrates, but there is no energy, so it can not be counted as net carbohydrates. Don’t count the amount when you eat. In addition, vegetables also contain various vitamins and minerals and other trace elements, which are indispensable to the body.

Third place: Fats

In the previous articles, I talked about a lot of oils. Eating this oil and other oils might scare friends who don’t know much about the ketogenic diet. In fact, we can eat oil very elegantly. For example, you can eat butter with a hot fiber package, the ketogenic version of “ice-fire pineapple oil”. Butter can also be used for fried dishes, fried eggs, fried steak, lamb chops, delicious. Coconut oil can be made into bulletproof coffee, or added to the usual soup, or stir-fried. Eat olive oil and pour it on the vegetables. Lard can be used for cooking. Avocados can cook more than a dozen delicious foods, and salads are also delicious. Fish oil is a finished capsule and swallowed directly. Pork, beef, and mutton with fat, did you actually like to eat it before? Eat ketones. Salmon is rich in Omega-3, just eat it. Cheese can be eaten directly or with various foods. The yolk in the egg is basically high-quality fat, so it’s okay to eat more. Almonds and macadamia nuts are low in carbohydrate and high in fat, so eat them as snacks. Look, eating oil is not difficult.

Fourth place: protein

Ketogenic diet eat about 1-1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. For example, you are a 75 kg person, and your daily protein intake is 75-112.5 grams. Limiting protein is to reduce the conversion of protein into glucose through gluconeogenesis, because these glucose will be converted Phenibut Suppliers into fat again and accumulate in fat cells. In addition, eating too much protein will increase the kidney load. If you are not doing heavy exercise, this amount is enough, and the body has a high reuse rate of amino acids. One exception is those who do heavy anaerobic exercise to gain muscle or professional athletes during the season and are not suitable for a ketogenic diet. Because the body needs carbohydrates and a larger amount of protein to repair muscles, this is not too much to expand. There is a saying that it is possible to leave the ketogenic state if the intake of protein exceeds 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. In other words, after going out for a big meal and overeating, you found that you didn’t eat any carbohydrates and also dropped your ketones (the blood ketone value fell below 0.5), which is probably caused by gluconeogenesis. As for the way to eat protein, not to mention you also know, eat lean meat, fish, shrimp, crab, egg white, etc. I always like to emphasize repeatedly about protein: ketogenic diet, fish and shrimp lean meat can be eaten, but not more, instead you can eat more fat.

Fifth place: Electrolytes

The electrolytes mainly discussed here are sodium and potassium. The main source of sodium is salt, salty things. Chinese people generally do not want to supplement sodium, but to reduce sodium because it is too salty. The human body’s safe intake of sodium is 1000-2500 mg, and salt contains 40% sodium, which means that only 2.5-6 grams of table salt can be consumed daily. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the salt intake Each person should be less than 5 grams per day, that is, it is recommended not to consume more than 2000 mg of sodium a day. In addition to table salt, which can provide sodium, many other food materials also contain sodium. Soy sauce contains 18% salt, and various salt-based processed foods such as pickles, cured meat products, etc. (17%), and MSG (6%). As mentioned above, the problem for most people is that they eat too much salt, even more than 10 grams, which is 4000 mg when converted into sodium. The focus is on potassium. The concentration of sodium outside the cell and potassium inside the cell needs to maintain a certain ratio, which is called sodium-potassium balance. If there is too much sodium and not enough potassium, there will be an imbalance between sodium and potassium. What is the disadvantage of sodium-potassium imbalance? If the body accumulates too much sodium, the osmotic pressure will change. In order to maintain a certain osmotic pressure, the human body will absor Phenibut Suppliers b a large amount of water and the entire blood volume will increase, which will overload the heart. , Induce or aggravate the symptoms of heart failure, excessive sodium also raises blood pressure. If you are obese, you may find that there is more sodium and less potassium, too much water in your body, will your weight also increase? Yes, smart. Ketogenic people need special potassium supplements. Because of the ketogenic diet, except for ultra-low sugar berries (such as blueberries), other high-sugar fruits are basically not touched. Fruits are the most important source of potassium ions. If you cut off a source of potassium intake, you must supplement it through other channels. One of them is vegetables. Of course, just relying on vegetables to supplement potassium is not enough, because you can’t eat so many vegetables with enough potassium. Just now we said that according to the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, the daily intake of sodium should not exceed 2000 mg, so what is the recommended daily intake of potassium? 3500mg or more. That is, if you eat more potassium than sodium, you don’t need to store as much water on your body. If the water is drained, you will naturally lose weight. Although many vegetables have potassium, their density is much lower than that of fruits. The king of potassium supplements, avocado, 100g contains 600mg of potassium. Therefore, not only should a ketogenic diet eat some avocados, it is best to take additional potassium supplements. In addition, high sodium and low potassium may also lead to high blood pressure, so potassium supplementation also has other benefits such as preventing high blood pressure.

Sixth place: Last but not Least, vitamins and other trace elements

The human body needs too many vitamins. I often watch Dr. Eric Berg talk about the ketogenic diet on the tubing The conclusion is one sentence: all vitamins are indispensable. What to do then? Just add a little multivitamin and mineral tablet. Qualified friends can choose some pure natural products, which are a bit expensive, but the effect is good. When it comes to the conclusion:The ketogenic diet is to reduce the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet to as low as possible. This part of the calorie deficit is made up with high-quality fats and at the same time. Appropriate amount of protein, with plenty of vegetables, drinking water, and vitamin calcium and magnesium tablets. Then give everything to the body and wait for it to gradually turn you into a perfect person. To be continued. . . by-ketohuashun——————————- ————————–I am Ketohuashun, I have a small group that talks about ketogenesis, everyone Get together to graduate the keto diet. You are welcome to come and study together. Add me pangliu12345 first, then add the group, thank you for your attention.