Why is it that liquid fermentation is used in foreign wine to make people rush, but white wine is shunned?

Currently, liquor on the market is mainly produced by three methods. One is that it must be brewed with full-grained, fresh, high-quality sorghum, rice, wheat, glutinous rice and other grains as raw materials for winemaking through a series of traditional techniques. Pure grain solid-state liquor; secondly, fermented liquor is made from dried potato, corn, molasses, straw, etc., and after the edible alcohol is produced, it is then reduced and blended into liquid liquor; the third is the front The mixture of the two is a solid-liquid liquor blended with no less than 30% solid liquor and edible alcohol. At first glance, all three are just a mixture of alcohol and water, but due to the different brewing materials and processes used, their production costs and the comfort of drinking for consumers are also different. Among them, the solid liquor is the most popular, while the liquid liquor is easy to get on the head and dry mouth after drinking, which may cause a hangover, which is not conducive to the current concept of healthy drinking and is shunned by consumers. But if you study the brewing process of foreign wines carefully, you will find that foreign distilled liquors such as whiskey, vodka, brandy, and rum are actually made of barley, potatoes, molasses or grapes as raw materials, with yeast added The saccharification starter is fermented by liquid fermentation, distillation, dilution, and finally stored in oak barrels. Then, it is also the distilled liquor obtained by liquid fermentation. Compared with the openness, it advertises itself as liquid fermentation Buy Phenibut Online , but it also attracts foreign wines that consumers are eager to. Why do liquors have liquid fermentation? However, businesses have to conceal it. Can consumers avoid it?

Different raw materials contain different harmful ingredients

First of all, the production of edible alcohol is actually through the fermentation and purification of raw materials and distillation of alcohol solution extraction, and the used Different raw materials have different trace components in the extracted alcohol solution. If molasses is used as the raw material, the content of acetaldehyde in the obtained edible alcohol is 10-50 times that of the grain raw material;The pectin content in potato raw materials is higher, which will be converted into a large amount during fermentation. Methanol, resulting in excessively high methanol content in edible alcohol. And when cassava is used as raw material to produce edible alcohol, hydrocyanic acid and other cyanides will be produced during the brewing and fermentation process; while excessive amounts of trace components such as acetaldehyde, methanol, and hydrocyanic acid, the lighter ones will lead to the rise after drinking, and the heavy ones will occur. Symptoms such as poisoning are the fundamental reason why everyone “discolors when smelling alcohol”.

Foreign wine pursuing cleanliness, white wine pursuing flavor

But generally speaking, the edible alcohol produced will be further filtered, decontaminated, deodorized, and degraded, and th Phenibut on sale en based on its color , Aroma and taste are graded to control these harmful components within a certain range. For the sensory evaluation of edible alcohol, my country and foreign countries have different standards. Among them, both of the basic requirements for edible alcohol are “pure”, “pure”, “no miscellaneous smell” and “no smell”. But for smell, our country’s standard stipulates that super-grade alcohol should have “intrinsic smell of ethanol”, while Europe and America require “odorless”; and for the taste of edible alcohol, our country requires taste “Slightly sweet”, while European and American countries require “pure and tasteless”, that is, except for the smell and taste of pure alcohol itself, it cannot distinguish other evil smells. At first glance, in fact, the two requirements for edible alcohol are not too far apart, they also pursue the purity of its taste and smell. Therefore, the edible alcohol produced in the country is actually used to produce foreign wines such as vodka and brandy. However, foreign distilled liquors generally only need to store the edible alcohol after liquid fermentation in oak barrels, and finally combine different liquors for scheduling, color mixing, and flavoring. Liquid liquor only relies on edible alcohol to add water to reduce the degree, or the edible alcohol blends with each other, it is difficult to make the finished wine have a unique aroma and taste. Therefore, water and edible alcohol are removed from liquid liquor, and acids, esters Phenibut powder wholesale and other flavors and fragrances need to be added for flavoring or directly steamed with lees to optimize the taste of liquid liquor to give it a unique Liquor aroma. Therefore, although the same edible alcohol obtained by liquid fermentation method, because foreign distilled wines are more pursuing the clean taste, and the white wine needs to pursue different flavors with different body flavors, so Different treatments such as deodorization and impurity removal of alcohol and subsequent blending procedures result in different after-drinking feelings and popularity. And this is why the raw materials are almost the same, the process is the same, the liquid fermentation method is used in foreign wines, and the reason is that the liquor is shunned. So, although the liquid liquor produced by many formal wineries undergoes quality testing before leaving the factory, harmful trace components such as fusel oil, methanol, and cyanide will be controlled within a certain range. However, the flavors and spices added to create a unique wine flavor are still harmful to the human body. Moreover, its color, aroma and taste are far from the real pure grain wine. Therefore, for those with surplus money, if they like to drink white wine, it is better to choose pure grain white wine for drinking; and if they prefer the wine produced by liquid fermentation, choose a foreign wine with a relatively cleaner taste. It can be consumed. However, when choosing wine, you need to keep your eyes open, find the right channels, and be wary of those shoddy liquid liquors under the banner of “pure grain wine”. Learn more and more products to understand more. Wechat account: Deyu Liquor, welcome to pay attention, show you good wine, drink good wine, and make friends.